10 Facts about Fire Extinguishers

Facts about Fire Extinguishers inform the readers about a tool used for control or extinguish small fires. During an emergency circumstance, people use it to extinguish fire. It is known as an active fire protection tool. If the fire is out of control, it is recommended for the people to call the fire department or fire brigade in your town. Why don’t you check the following post below for details about fire extinguishers?

Facts about Fire Extinguishers 1: the design

An agent is found inside a hand-held cylindrical pressure vessel. If there is a small fire, you just have to discharge it.

Fire extinguisher Image

Fire extinguisher Image

Facts about Fire Extinguishers 2: the less common design

The less common design of fire extinguishers is not equipped with cylindrical pressure vessels.

Facts about Fire Extinguishers 3: the presence of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are present in all buildings in United States. A fire protection company will inspect it once in a year. However, the frequent inspection is needed in some jurisdiction in US.

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Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher

Facts about Fire Extinguishers 4: a tag

A tag will be placed on the fire extinguisher to give details related to the recharge and annual inspection.

Facts about Fire Extinguishers 5: the major types

Fire extinguishers are available in two major types. Both are the cartridge-operated and stored-pressure extinguishers.

Facts about Fire Extinguishers 6: the stored-pressured design

The firefighting agent and expellant are stored in the same chamber for the store pressure fire extinguishers.

Facts about Fire Extinguishers 7: nitrogen

Nitrogen is mostly used for dry chemical extinguishers. The air is found on the water and foam fire extinguishers. The most prevalent type of the device is the store pressure one.

Fire extinguisher Pic

Fire extinguisher Pic

Facts about Fire Extinguishers 8: cartridge-operated extinguishers

The less common type of fire extinguisher is the cartridge-operated extinguisher. The industrial facilities employ it. It does not apply nitrogen. It employs the compressed carbon dioxide.

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Facts about Fire Extinguishers 9: the types

In United States, the major types of cartridge-operated extinguishers are spotted in dry powder and dry chemicals.

Facts about Fire extinguisher

Facts about Fire extinguisher

Facts about Fire Extinguishers 10: other types

Other types of fire extinguishers are related to the design. You can choose the car mounted or wheeled fire extinguishers and handheld fire extinguishers.

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