10 Facts about Fetal Development

Facts about Fetal Development tell the readers about the process of gestation in human being. The first stage is characterized by the fertilization when sperm and ovum meet. Then the stage will followed by the fetal development. The last stage is the birth of the infant baby. The term prenatal development is also called as antenatal development. The term fetus is used to call the embryo, which has the basic form. It occurs in the 10th week of the pregnancy. Let us get other interesting facts about fetal development below:

Facts about Fetal Development 1: the fetal period

There are two major methods to describe the fetal period.  You can check it by time and by organ.

Facts about Fetal Development 2: the early stages

Human beings and animals share the similar steps of embryogenesis. The differences are seen from length of gestation period and development of animals according to their taxa.

Facts about Fetal Development

Facts about Fetal Development

Facts about Fetal Development 3: spermatozoa

The fertilization occurs when spermatozoa is capable to infuse with the ovum or egg cell. The fertilization process may occur in one of the fallopian tubes.

Facts about Fetal Development 4: DNA

The genetic material of a fetus is contributed from the ovum and the first sperm, which fully penetrates the ovum. Semen consists of many sperm. Only one sperm can penetrate fully within the ovum.

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Fetal Development Facts

Fetal Development Facts

Facts about Fetal Development 5: zygote

Zygote is formed after ovum and sperm combines. It will develop into a new organism after birth.

Facts about Fetal Development 6: the generic material

The ovum and sperm will contribute to the genetic materials of the zygote. Each will contribute half of the genetic material. The X and Y-chromosomes are available on the sperm. On the other hand, ovum has X chromosome.

Facts about Fetal Development 7: the male or female zygote

The zygote is female if sperm contributes the X chromosome. If the sperm contributes to the Y chromosome, the zygote is male.

Fetal Development Image

Fetal Development Image

Facts about Fetal Development 8: the fetal period

Fetus is developed at the gestation age of 10 weeks.   The fetus will be developed and grown over the days and months.

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Facts about Fetal Development 9: the primary characteristics

The fetal period is characterized by the presence of organ development. The circulatory, lymphatic, integumentary, nervous, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, urinary, endocrine and integumentary systems will be developed.

Fetal Development

Fetal Development

Facts about Fetal Development 10: fetus at week 10

The facial features of fetus are developed during week 10 of fetal period. It has thin and long limbs. It has length of 1.2 to 3.2 inches or 30 to 80 mm.

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