10 Facts about Father Damien

Find out the useful Facts about Father Damien in the below post. He was born on January 3rd, 1840 and died on April 15th, 1889. He was known as Saint Damien de Veuster or Saint Damien of Molokai. His birth name was Jozef De Veuster. He was a member of Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This Roman Catholic priest came from Belgium. Father Damien devoted his life to look after the people with Hansen’s disease of leprosy by living in Kingdom of Hawai’i in 1873 until 1889 where he earned the ministry recognition.

Facts about Father Damien 1: the people with leprosy

The people with leprosy in Hawaii’s had to live on Island of Molokaʻi for they should be quarantined.

Facts about Father Damien

Facts about Father Damien

Facts about Father Damien 2: the role of Father Damien

Father Damien played an important role to improve the life of the patients within the community of Island of Molokaʻi.  He built churches, hospitals, roads, schools and houses.

Facts about Father Damien 3: the support

Father Damien gave the emotional and medical support for the patients. He helped them to create coffins, build reservoir and dig graves.

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Father Damien Pic

Father Damien Pic

Facts about Father Damien 4: leprosy infection

Father Damien realized that he was also infected by leprosy after working for 16 years to look after the patients. He still tried to look after the leprosy colony even though he was infected. However, he died on April 15th, 1889 because of the disease.

Facts about Father Damien 5: the title

Father Damien is called as a martyr of charity due to his amazing work in the leprosy colony of Hawai’i. The Catholic Church recognizes Father Damien as a saint.

Facts about Father Damien 6: a patron

Father Damien is also known as a patron for leprosy according to the Anglican Communion and other Christian denominations.

Facts about Father Damien 7: a holiday

In Hawaii, a minor holiday is celebrated on April 15 to commemorate Father Damien. The local recognizes him as the patron saint for Diocese of Honolulu and Hawaii.

Father Damien Young

Father Damien Young

Facts about Father Damien 8: honor

On 11th October 2009, Pope Benedict XVI canonized Father Damien. He is called as the Apostle of the Lepers in Catholic Encyclopedia.

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Facts about Father Damien 9: leadership

Father Damien’ leadership increased the quality of life of the lepers in Hawaii. He tried to organize farms and build important buildings like schools and roads. He also provided the people with teaching.

Father Damien Grave

Father Damien Grave

Facts about Father Damien 10: missionary person

Father Damien was a missionary too for he tried to spread the Catholic faith to the lepers.

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