10 Facts about Female Attraction

Facts about Female Attraction present the insight about the attraction toward females. It plays an important role when a person chooses a mate or sexual partner. Females have a number of attractions. It is not only related to the physical appearance.  It may be related to the traits and other qualities that a female has. The smell, voice and movement of a female can attract others. Let me show you other interesting facts about female attraction below:

Facts about Female Attraction 1: how to improve the sexual attractions

There are many ways to improve the sexual attractions.  The perfume, adornment, clothing and style can be used for enhancing the attraction.

Female Attraction

Female Attraction

Facts about Female Attraction 2: other factors

Other factors, which increase the female attractions, are related to the cultural, psychological and genetic factors.

Facts about Female Attraction 3: measurement

The sexual orientation, perception and interest of a person will determine whether they are interested in the subject.

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Female Attraction Facts

Female Attraction Facts

Facts about Female Attraction 4: lesbian or gay

A sexual orientation will determine the attraction of a person. A lesbian or gay will only be attracted by the same sex.

Facts about Female Attraction 5: interpersonal attraction

Familiarity, psychological similarity and physical similarity are included in the factors, which determine the interpersonal attraction.

Facts about Female Attraction 6: the importance attraction

Female attraction has been used as the foundation to create films, ads, modeling, fashion and visual media.

Facts about Female Attraction 7: the physical appearance

The sexual attractiveness of a woman is determined by the physical appearance. It plays a critical role in the beginning of the relationship.

Female Attraction Pic

Female Attraction Pic

Facts about Female Attraction 8: visual perception

The visual perception is seen from the eyes. It is assessed from the health, physical attractiveness and symmetry of face of a woman.

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Facts about Female Attraction 9: other perceptions

The olfaction and audition are the other two perceptions, which define the female attraction. The former one is defined according to the smell of the woman.  The latter one is defined to the movement sound or voice.

Facts about Female Attraction

Facts about Female Attraction

Facts about Female Attraction 10: perfume

Perfume has a great impact to enhance the female attraction. The right perfume will attract the person. It is believed that perfume with pleasant smelling will enhance the pheromone inhaled by other people. Thus, women also think about the perfect perfume to wear when they go on a date.

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