10 Facts about Fear

The following post will narrate the story about fear. Human being is in the state of fear when they perceive threat or danger.  The behavior will change rapidly to stay away from fear by freezing due to the traumatic effect, hiding and fleeing. Actually, fear also occurs in other organisms.  The future threat, which might affect the life or body, is anticipated by human when fear is present. Hiding, fleeing and escaping are the ways to avoid the danger or threat. Confrontation takes place when human faces the threat or danger. Freezing or paralysis is a form of extreme response of fear. Get other interesting facts about fear below:

Facts about Fear 1: the judgment

The process of cognition and learning plays an important role to modulate fear. Phobia is used to call an irrational fear.  Thus, there are two kinds of fear. They are the irrational and rational ones.

Facts about Fear

Facts about Fear

Facts about Fear 2: fear as an emotion

Fear is included as a type of emotion along with other emotions like fright, anger, stress, sadness, panic, horror and joy. However, fear is different due to the presence of emotion anxiety. This emotion is unavoidable and uncontrollable due to the threats.

Facts about Fear 3: the behavioral response

When fear occurs, the behavioral response will take place. Fear has been found in the history of evolution for the response might guarantee survival.

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Fear Painting

Fear Painting

Facts about Fear 4: the common response

The common responses of fear are fight or flight. Fight means you will face the threat or fear. Flight means you will avoid it.

Facts about Fear 5: coping the danger

The heart rate and breathing rate of an inborn will be accelerated as ways to cope danger or threat. The white blood cell, serum calcium and blood glucose will be increased too.

Facts about Fear 6: learning

The specific fears are developed on some people because of learning. The fear of well might be developed when a person had fell to it and had the difficulties to get out of the well.

Facts about Fear 7: the phobia

There are a number of phobias associated with falling into the well. The person might develop aquaphobia or the fear of water, claustrophobia or the fear of enclosed space, and acrophobia or the fear of height.



Facts about Fear 8: learning the fear

The fear is learned by the person when seeing a traumatic accident or experiencing a traumatic accident.

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Facts about Fear 9: the top ten fears

A Gallup Poll in United States conducted in 2005 was used to find out the top 10 fears among the adolescents.

Fear of Robbery

Fear of Robbery

Facts about Fear 10: the most fears

The highest three most fears in the poll were terrorist attacks, spiders and death.

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