10 Important Facts about Federalism

You will know more about a mode of government on Facts about Federalism.  The mode is defined as having a compound or mixed government. The regional and general government will be combined into a single political system. The territorial, state, provincial, and cantonal governments are included regional governments. The federal government or central government is included in general government.

Facts about Federalism 1: federalism in United States

United States is a nation, which employs federalism. The modern federalism was founded in US after the Constitution of 1787 was enacted.

Federalism Facts

Federalism Facts

Facts about Federalism 2: federalism in governments

There will be two governments established in federalism. The parity relationship will define of their functions and roles.

Facts about Federalism 3: the functions

Federalism is applied in a nation to divide the power of two levels of government even though both of them have equal status.

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Federalism Pic

Federalism Pic

Facts about Federalism 4: Confederalism

Confederalism is different from federalism. The regional government is below to the general government in term of devolution in a unitary state.

Facts about Federalism 5: the examples of federalism

The famous example of federalism is applied in various countries in the world like in India, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, United States, Brazil and Mexico.

Facts about Federalism 6: the pioneer

The pioneering example of federalism is spotted in European Union. The term federalist is used to define the person who supports the federalist government in Europe.

Facts about Federalism 7: the origin of European federalism

The origin of European federalism could be traced back in the post-war Europe. In 1946, Winston Churchill had speech related federalism in Zurich.



Facts about Federalism 8: federalism in United States

There were two points of view related to federalism in United States. The Anti-Federalists wanted a weaker central government. On the other hand, the stronger central government was supported by the Federalists.

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Facts about Federalism 9: the federalist principle

The federalist principles are applied in a number of countries in the world like Mexico, India, Brazil, Australia and Argentina. Belgium is one of the countries, which applies 2-3 internal divisions.

Facts about Federalism

Facts about Federalism

Facts about Federalism 10: the real application of federalism

The application of federalism may shift over the course of history. That is why the Forum of Federations was established by Government of Canada in 1999. The primary objective was to determine the best practices of federalism.

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