10 Facts about Filibusters

An extension of a debate on a proposed legislation, which takes place in a parliamentary, will be explained on facts about filibusters.  It is okay to prevent a vote on the proposed legislation or delay it. Filibuster is also called with other terms such as “talking a bill to death” or “talking out a bill”. Why don’t you look at the details for more information about filibusters?

Facts about Filibusters 1: Cato the Younger

Cato the Younger was considered as the first person who performed filibuster. He was known as a Roman senator.

Filibusters Facts

Filibusters Facts

Facts about Filibusters 2: the continuous speaking

Cato would have a continuous speaking until nightfall as a mean to obstruct the proposed legislation that he opposed. It was considered as a successful way to prevent a vote on the legislation. The political objectives coined by Julius Caesar were obstructed by Cato twice by using filibuster.

Facts about Filibusters 3: the first incident of filibuster

The first incident of filibuster conducted by Cato was in 60 BC during the summer season. He employed filibuster to make Caesar choose between consulship and triumph. He chose the former one.

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Filibusters Pictures

Filibusters Pictures

Facts about Filibusters 4: the second incident of filibuster

The second incident of filibuster proposed by Cato was in 59 BC. He had long winded speeches when Caesar who served as a consul proposed a land reform bill. Cato was jailed for the rest of the day by the lictors of Caesar since he knew Cato’s intention. He was released after Caesar and senators realized their mistake.

Facts about Filibusters 5: Joseph Gillis Biggar

During the pass of Irish coercion acts, Joseph Gillis Biggar had a very long speech before the house of common as a form of filibuster in 1874.

Facts about Filibusters 6: Labour MP John Golding

During the British Telecommunications Bill, Labour MP John Golding had an 11-hour speech in 1983. It was allowed for him to take a break since he did not speak for the House of Commons.

Facts about Filibusters 7: Labour MP Michael Foster

Another MP from Labour Party, which conducted filibuster, was Labour MP Michael Foster when he tried to prevent Wild Mammals (Hunting with Dogs) Bill.



Facts about Filibusters 8: in Northern Ireland

Filibuster also takes place in other countries like in Northern Ireland. Tommy Henderson practiced it in 1936 before the House of Commons.

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Facts about Filibusters 9: a notable case of Filibuster

Henderson had a speech for about 9.5 hours during the filibuster when he prevented Appropriation Bill.

Facts about Filibusters

Facts about Filibusters

Facts about Filibusters 10: in Australia

It is impossible to implement filibuster in Australia since there was a rule related to the time of the speech of each Member of Parliament.

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