10 Facts about Fidel Castro

The prominent figure in Cuba is explained on Facts about Fidel Castro. He was born on 13th August 1926 and died on 25th November 2016. His birth name was Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. He is known more as Fidel Castro. In 1959 until 1976, he became the prime minister of Republic of Cuba. In 1976 until 2008, he served as the President of Cuba. Castro was considered as a prominent politician and revolutionary in Cuba. Get interesting facts about him below:

Facts about Fidel Castro 1: the political point of view

Can you define the political point of view of Castro?  He is defined as a Cuban Nationalist who employed the Marxist-Leninist political point of view.

Facts about Fidel Castro

Facts about Fidel Castro

Facts about Fidel Castro 2: Communist Party of Cuba

In 1961 until 2011, Castro earned a position in Communist Party of Cuba as the First Secretary.

Facts about Fidel Castro 3: the number of party

Cuba only had a single party when the nation was under the administration of Castro.  He applied state socialist reforms and nationalized business and industry.

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Fidel Castro Facts

Fidel Castro Facts

Facts about Fidel Castro 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Castro was located in Birán, Oriente. He was from a rich family.

Facts about Fidel Castro 5: education

Castro was educated at University of Havana to study law where he embraced anti-imperialist politics.

Facts about Fidel Castro 6: rebellion

In 1953, Castro launched an attack to overthrow Fulgencio Batista, the president of Cuba. However, it was a big failure to him.

Facts about Fidel Castro 7: a revolutionary group

Castro established as a revolutionary group in Mexico after he was jailed for one year. He collaborated with Che Guevara and Raul Castro, his brother. He played an important role during the Cuban Revolution to overthrow Batista. He became the prime minister of Cuba after successful overthrowing Batista in 1959.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro

Facts about Fidel Castro 8: opposition

Opposition came from United States, which tried to eliminate him from the power of Cuba. Some ways conducted by United States included counter-revolution, economic blockade and assassination.

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Facts about Fidel Castro 9: an alliance

Soviet Union and Castro began to form alliance to reduce the threat from United States. The Cuban Missile Crisis took place after Soviet Union planted nuclear weapons in the country.

Fidel Castro Pic

Fidel Castro Pic

Facts about Fidel Castro 10: Raúl Castro

Raúl Castro became the president of Cuba after Fidel handed the power to him in 2006.

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