10 Facts about Ferdinand Marcos

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos impress us with the famous president of Philippines. He was born on September 11th, 1917 and died on September 28th, 1989. His full name was Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr. He took the presidential office in 1965 until 1986. Marcos was always known as a dictator. In 1972 until 1981, he employed martial law. A number of extraordinary monuments and infrastructure projects market at the beginning of his regime. Check other important facts about Marcos below:

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 1: the characteristics of his regime

The regime under Marcos was characterized by the presence of brutality, corruption, and great taxpayer cost.

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 2: the early career

The early career of Marcos was an attorney. In 1949 until 1959, he became the member of House of Representatives. In 1959 until 1965, he served as the Philippine Senate. In 1963 until 1965, he became the Senate President.

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 3: the battles

Marcos took parts in a number of battles. During the Japanese invasion, he fought along with the Americas. He also took part in Bataan Death March.

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Ferdinand Marcos Facts

Ferdinand Marcos Facts

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 4: as a hero

Marcos stated that he was the most decorated war hero in the nation during his campaigns. Actually, his claim is not true.

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 5: the US army documents

The involvement of Marcos in the battles alongside with the Americans was described as absurd and fraudulent according to the documents of US army.

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 6: Fidel Ramos

The claim of Marcos as a hero was backed by President Fidel Ramos who stated that Maharlika, an anti-Japanese guerilla group was established by Marcos.

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 7: as a president

In 1965, Marcos won the election as the president of the Philippines. The development projects in the nation were funded from the national debt, which developed into $26 billion from $2 billion of debt.

Ferdinand Marcos Pic

Ferdinand Marcos Pic

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 8: martial law

On 23 September 1972, Philippines were placed under the martial law by Marcos due to the armed communist insurgency and 15 bombing incidents.

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Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 9: during the martial law

During the period of martial law, Marcos employed oppression and violence. The media were also silenced.

Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos

Facts about Ferdinand Marcos 10: corruption

His regime was also associated with high level of corruption. The extravagant lifestyle was prevalent in Marcos’s family.

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