10 Facts about Federalist Party

The first American political party will be explained on Facts about Federalist Party. In the beginning of 1790s until 1816, people saw the existence of this party. It lasted until 1820s. Federalist Party opposed French revolution, improved the relationship with Great Britain, and encouraged the development of economy. The federal government was controlled by the Federalist Party until 1801. Thomas Jefferson was the leader of the Democratic – Republican Party, which opposed the Federalist Party. Let me show you other interesting facts about Federalist Party below:

Facts about Federalist Party 1: the establishment of Federalist Party

Federalist Party was established to support the fiscal policies of Alexander Hamilton between 1792 and 1794. The founders were national’s businessmen and bankers.

Facts about Federalist Party

Facts about Federalist Party

Facts about Federalist Party 2: the commitments

All members were committed to support the nationalistic government and fiscal policies.

Facts about Federalist Party 3: John Adams

John Adams was the only president from Federalist Party.

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Federalist Party Hamilton

Federalist Party Hamilton

Facts about Federalist Party 4: George Washington

George Washington was a non-partisan of Federalist Party even though he sympathized the program during his presidency.

Facts about Federalist Party 5: Jay Treaty

In 1794, Jay Treaty was negotiated. It reflected the good relationship between the Federalist Party and Great Britain. Moreover, the policies of the party were in favor with a national tariff and bank.

Facts about Federalist Party 6: the opposition

As I have stated before, Thomas Jefferson led the Democratic – Republican Party, which opposed the Federalist. The Jay Treaty was often attacked by the former one.

Facts about Federalist Party 7: the legislative seats

In 1790s, the legislative battle between Federalist Party and Democratic – Republican Party was won by the former one as the Jay Treaty was passed.

Federalist Party John Adams

Federalist Party John Adams

Facts about Federalist Party 8: the base

The base of Democratic-Socialist Party was in rural South.  The strong base of Federalist Party was in New England. The Federal Party never achieved their own power again after the victory of Democratic Republicans in 1800. At end of War in 1815 during the Era of Good Feelings, the Federalist Party vanished.

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Facts about Federalist Party 9: the legacy

Even though Federalist Party has vanished, the legacy still exists today. A sound financial base is still applied to strengthen the federal government.

Federalist Party Washington

Federalist Party Washington

Facts about Federalist Party 10: the political calendar

The events in the political calendar of Federalist Party were visual sensationalism, festival, parades and celebrations.  The Federalist Party always considered George Washington as a prominent figure. When they had an event, they always seek blessing for Washington.

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