10 Facts about Fascism

Fascism was popular during the First World War. It emerged in Italy under Benito Mussolini.  It spread into other parts of European countries in the beginning of 20th century. This radical nationalism is seen as the opposition of anarchism, Marxism and liberalism.  The First World War was viewed as a revolution according to the fascists. The nature of war would bring changes to the technology, society and state. The society would be divided into major options. They were the combatants and civilians. Find out other useful facts about fascism below:

Facts about Fascism 1: the military citizenship

During the war, all citizens would share their parts to contribute to the victory of the war. That is why the term military citizenship emerged.

Facism in Italy

Facism in Italy

Facts about Fascism 2: the powerful state

Due to the war, the powerful state would have the authority to manage logistics, mobilize million of people to participate in the war and interfere in citizen’s life.

Facts about Fascism 3: the one-party state

Fascism believes in the power of one-party state, which has the authority to mobilize citizens for the war.

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Facts about Fascism 4: the leader

The leader of a fascist country should be powerful and strong for he or she should be capable to maintain a stable national unity. The leader usually is a dictator.

Facts about Fascism 5: the national revolution

The national revolution can be achieved by having imperialism, war and politician violence according to the fascist ideology.

Facts about Fascism 6: the Red Years

The Red Years were the period in 1919 and 1920 marked by the peak of industrial workers’ military strike. Mussolini and his fascist organization used this chaos to rise as a powerful leader in Italy.

Facts about Fascism 7: fascists vs. socialist

In Italy, the fascists were known as the opponent of the socialist party. The fascists tried to destroy the socialist party by making an alliance with other parties.

Facts about Facism

Facts about Facism

Facts about Fascism 8: fascism in Italy

The monarchy and Roman Catholic Church were supported by the fascists. However, it did not apply anticlericalism, republicanism and populism.

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Facts about Fascism 9: policies

The family value was one of the primary policies of fascism. The women’s role should be related to that of a mother since the participation of women in the workforce would be limited.

Facism Facts

Facism Facts

Facts about Fascism 10: the member

By 1921, fascism earned 250,000 members due to its accommodation as a political right.

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