10 Facts about Fennel

The flowering plant species is explained on Facts about Fennel. The biological name is Foeniculum vulgare. It is characterized with the feathery leaves and yellow flowers. This plant has been introduced globally though it is native to Mediterranean. Fennel can be found living on the riverbanks and dry soil of coasts. Over the years, fennel has been used for medicine and culinary.  This herb is flavorful and aromatic. Let us check other interesting facts about fennel below:

Facts about Fennel 1: food plant

The Old-World swallowtail and mouse moth consume fennel as their sources of food plant. The anise swallowtail is also consumed after the introduction of fennel in North America.

Facts about Fennel

Facts about Fennel

Facts about Fennel 2: the wild fennel

The wild fennel began to attract the Portuguese settlers in 15th century due to its abundance on Madeira.

Facts about Fennel 3: “The Goblet of Life”

Have you ever read “The Goblet of Life”? This poem was written by Longfellow. The poem mentioned fennel and its benefit to improve the eyesight.

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Fennel Facts

Fennel Facts

Facts about Fennel 4: the physical description

The length of fennel leaves may reach 40 cm.  The plant will grow up to 2.5 metres. This perennial herb has around 20 to 50 tiny yellow flowers. The length of dry seed found inside the fruit is around 4 to 10 mm.

Facts about Fennel 5: cultivation

Fennel is cultivated in various parts of the world due to its fruits and leaves.  Compared to the wild typed fennel, Florence fennel plants are smaller. Finocchio is the Italian name to call the Florence fennel.

Facts about Fennel 6: the leaf bases

The leaf bases of fennel are edible.  People may cook it or eat it raw.

Facts about Fennel 7: decorative garden plant

Fennel is often used to decorate gardens.  People will choose the bronze-leaved fennel or ‘Purpureum’ fennel for ornamental plants.

Fennel Images

Fennel Images

Facts about Fennel 8: where to find fennel

Fennel is not only found in the farms or gardens. You can also spot them in open areas, pastures and roadsides in Australia, Asia, Southern Canada, US and northern Europe.

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Facts about Fennel 9: absinthe

Absinthe is an alcoholic mixture prepared by using Florence fennel. The French people like this drink a lot. The root of absinthe was from medicinal elixir.

Fennel Pictures

Fennel Pictures

Facts about Fennel 10: the use of fennel in India

An after-meal snack called mukhwas in India is created from the fennel seeds. It can be coated with sugar for sweet taste.

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