10 Facts about Flatford Mill

Facts about Flatford Mill tell the readers about a Grade I listed building. It is located in England. You just have to reach Flatford in East Bergholt, Suffolk to spot this historical building. It sits on the River Stour. This watermill was established in 1733. However, some structures in the mill had been constructed before. Let us find out other interesting facts about Flatford Mill below:

Facts about Flatford Mill 1: cottage

Besides the watermill, you will spot the miller’s cottage dated back in 17th century.  This cottage has been designated as a Grade I listed building. The cottage is attached to the mill.

Flatford Mill Pic

Flatford Mill Pic

Facts about Flatford Mill 2: the property

The location of the watermill and cottage is in Dedham Vale. When you are here, you will spot the beauty of rural landscape in England.

Facts about Flatford Mill 3: the owner

John Constable’s father was the owner of the watermill. Many works of Constable were inspired from the surrounding areas of the mill.

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Flatford Mill

Flatford Mill

Facts about Flatford Mill 4: Flatford Mill

Flatford Mill (Scene on a Navigable River) is one of the most notable works of Constable, which depicted the watermill and its surrounding area. Until this present day, people consider it as an iconic painting.

Facts about Flatford Mill 5: other paintings

Other paintings, which feature the title of Flatford Mill, include Flatford Mill from the lock (A water mill) and Flatford Mill from a lock on the river Stour.

Facts about Flatford Mill 6: the front part of the mill

The front part of the mill is depicted on the Hay Wain where it also reflected the Willy Lott’s Cottage.

Facts about Flatford Mill 7: Field Studies Council

Field Studies Council is a group, which uses the mill and its surrounding area to give courses for natural history, ecology and art. This council leases the mill, Willy Lott’s Cottage and Valley Farm.

Facts about Flatford Mill

Facts about Flatford Mill

Facts about Flatford Mill 8: the design

Have you seen the picture of Flatford Mill? You will be impressed with its design.  It uses beam as the architectural type. It sits at the elevation of 10 feet or 3 metres. Now it is owned by National Trust.

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Facts about Flatford Mill 9: what is watermill?

A mill used for hydropower is called a water mill. Flatford Mill is included as a type of watermill.

Flatford Mill

Flatford Mill

Facts about Flatford Mill 10: Flatford

When you are visiting Flatford, some attractions to notice are Bridge Cottage, Willy Lott’s Cottage and Flatford Mill.

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