10 Facts about Flannan Isle

Facts about Flannan Isle talk about a small island group located in Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The location is 20 miles or 32 km west of Isle of Lewis. It is often called as The Seven Hunters as the alternative name. Have you ever visited Flannan Isle before? This island is famous with its lighthouse. The name of the island is taken from the name of 7th century abbot and preacher. He was Saint Flannan. Why don’t you look at the detail post for more information about Flannan Isle?

Facts about Flannan Isle 1: Lighthouse

In 1971, Flannan Isle featured a lighthouse, which encouraged the permanent settlement in the islands.

Flannan Isle Map
Flannan Isle Map

Facts about Flannan Isle 2: mystery

When people discuss Flannan Isle, they will never forget about the mystery of the lighthouse.  The three lighthouse keepers vanished in December 1900. It is still a mystery until today.

Facts about Flannan Isle 3: groups

Flannan Isle contains three groups of islands.  They cover the land area of 120 acres or 50 hectares. The highest elevation is measured at 289 feet or 88 meters. The first group of islands is located on the south, which consist of Sgeir Tomain and Easward Isle. Bròna Cleit, Roaireim and Eilean a’ Gobha are located at the western part. The northeast one contains Big Isle or Eilean Mòr.

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Flannan Isle
Flannan Isle

Facts about Flannan Isle 4: the geology

Ice sheets covered the islands from Scotland to Atlantic Ocean during the prehistoric era. The present-day sea elevation was 400 feet higher than that of the sea level in 20,000 years BP.

Facts about Flannan Isle 5: the historic building

A ruin chapel used to honor Saint Flannan is housed in Eilean Mòr. You will also spot the lighthouse here. A ruined stone shelter is found in Eilean Taighe. Due to the small size of the chapel, it was called the dog kennel by the lighthouse keepers.

Facts about Flannan Isle 6: the Seven Hunters

The Seven Hunters is the alternative name of Flannan Isle. It was called Seven Haley Isles during the middle Ages.

Facts about Flannan Isle 7: unique customs

The pilgrimage to Eilean Mor was conducted with unique customs enlisted by Martin Martin (1703). When the pilgrims reached the plateau, they removed the hat and a sunrise turn.

Facts about Flannan Isle
Facts about Flannan Isle

Facts about Flannan Isle 8: the lighthouse construction

The construction of lighthouse in Flannan Isle encouraged the settlement in island. However, the vanished three light keepers in 1900 is still a mystery. In 1971, the lighthouse was automated.

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Facts about Flannan Isle 9: isolated isles

Today, Flannan Isle is included as an isolated isle.

Flannan Isle Pic
Flannan Isle Pic

Facts about Flannan Isle 10: wildlife

Wildlife is flourished in Flannan Isle. It is a home for common shag, European storm petrel, Atlantic puffin and many more.

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