10 Facts about Flamborough Head

Facts about Flamborough Head tell the readers about a promontory. It is defined as a chalk headland. It features sheer white cliffs. The location is between Filey and Bridlington bays of the North Sea. It is located 13 kilometres or 8 miles from Yorkshire coast, England. Why don’t you check the following post below for details about Flamborough Head?

Facts about Flamborough Head 1: the cliff top

The two standing lighthouse towers are spotted in the cliff top. The oldest tower was traced back in 1669. In 1806, Flamborough Head Lighthouse was established.

Facts about Flamborough Head.
Facts about Flamborough Head.

Facts about Flamborough Head 2: a Grade II listed building

The Grade II listed building was designated for the older lighthouse in 1952. Historic England maintained the building, which has been recorded in National Heritage List for England.

Facts about Flamborough Head 3: the importance of the cliffs

The cliffs are considered important for the ecosystem. People love to come to the cliffs to study geology. Moreover, thousands of seabirds consider the cliffs as their nesting place.

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Flamborough Head Map
Flamborough Head Map

Facts about Flamborough Head 4: conservation area

The British Government’s Joint Nature Conservation Committee designates Flamborough Head as a SAC or Special Area of Conservation.

Facts about Flamborough Head 5: the size

The Local Nature Reserve of Flamborough Outer Headland spans on the area of 210 acres or 83 hectares.

Facts about Flamborough Head 6: the geology and biology

The people who are interested to study biology and geology should visit the cliffs of Flamborough Head. It has earned the status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Facts about Flamborough Head 7: the age of headland

The age of the chalk headland was dated back around 100 to 70 million years ago.

Flamborough Head Image
Flamborough Head Image

Facts about Flamborough Head 8: the chalk deposits

Welton Burnham, Ferriby, and Flamborough Chalk are some of the chalk deposits in the area. It also features blowholes, natural arches and stacks.

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Facts about Flamborough Head 9: seabirds

Atlantic puffins, kittiwakes, and northern gannets are some seabirds found at the cliffs.  You will find a visitor center and an RSPB reserve at the north side of Flamborough Head called Bempton Cliffs. The wild seabirds in United Kingdom’s are protected under Sea Birds Preservation Act 1869. It was introduced by the local MP Christopher Sykes.

Flamborough Head
Flamborough Head

Facts about Flamborough Head 10: a bird observatory

If you are a birder, you just have to visit a bird observatory at Flamborough Head.

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