10 Facts about Fatima Portugal

Why don’t you read Facts about Fatima Portugal to get the details about a civil parish located in Santarém District, Ourém Municipality?  Fatima covers the area of 71.84 kilometer square. It was a home for 11,596 people in 2011. The largest one was a home for 7,756 people.  Fatima is included as a part of Leiria. It is located 76 miles or 123 kilometer from north of Lisbon and 116 miles or 187 kilometer from south of Porto.

Facts about Fatima Portugal 1: the Marian apparitions

When we talk about Fatima Portugal, we should never forget the Marian apparitions, which took place here. In 1917, the Cova da Iria has three shepherd children. The events were worthy to believe according to the Catholic Church.

Facts about Fatima Portugal

Facts about Fatima Portugal

Facts about Fatima Portugal 2: a small chapel

In 1918, Fatima Portugal featured a small chapel. It was dedicated for Our Lady of Fatima. It also featured her statue. The Vatican crowned it. Then a large shrine was installed along with basilicas to enclose the statue and chapel.

Facts about Fatima Portugal 3: the facilities

The site of Our Lady Fatima also features a number of facilities for the visitors such as a medical facility and a hotel.

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Fatima Portugal History

Fatima Portugal History

Facts about Fatima Portugal 4: the visitors

The Sanctuary of Our Lady Fatima has been visited by thousands of people from not only Portugal but also other parts of the world.

Facts about Fatima Portugal 5: economy

The religious tourism is considered as the primary source of economy in Fatima Portugal. Thousands of pilgrims come to the town to visit Sanctuary of Our Lady Fatima.

Facts about Fatima Portugal 6: the locals

The locals who live in Fatima Portugal have some stalls and shops, which sell various religious souvenirs and articles.  It also has retails, restaurants, hotels and other services for tourists to generate revenue.

Facts about Fatima Portugal 7: other sources of economy

Other sources of economy include commerce, saw-milling, marble sculpturing, civil construction, services and carpentry.

Fatima Portugal

Fatima Portugal

Facts about Fatima Portugal 8: the peak of pilgrimage

The peak date of pilgrimage takes places on May 13th and October 13th. The dates are considered as the apparitions of Our Lady Fatima.

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Facts about Fatima Portugal 9: sport

Sport Center of Fatima is the major sport club in town. It plays in LigaPros, the second tier of football competition in the country.

Fatima Portugal Map

Fatima Portugal Map

Facts about Fatima Portugal 10: geological formations

Fatima is a home to a number of geological formations such as caves, polje, uvalas, sinkholes and karst grottoes.

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