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10 Facts about Flamingo Land

Facts about Flamingo Land explain a theme park in England. It is also known as a resort and a zoo. If you are interested to visit Flamingo Land, you just have to come to Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire. Flamingo..

10 Fun Facts about Flamingos

Fun Facts about Flamingos tell us about a type of wading bird. They are included in the family Phoenicopteridae. The Old World had two species of flamingo, while America has four species of flamingos.  The species of flamingos are..

10 Facts about Flame Retardants

You will be informed with a diverse group of chemicals by reading facts about flame retardants. This material is often used by the industries or manufacturer as a coating, surface finishing, textiles and plastics. Flame retardant works in two..

10 Facts about the Flamethrower

Let me inform you with a mechanical incendiary service device on Facts about the Flamethrower. The first usage of this tool was dated back in the first century AD. The Greeks employed the device. The application of flamethrower was..

10 Facts about Flamborough Head

Facts about Flamborough Head tell the readers about a promontory. It is defined as a chalk headland. It features sheer white cliffs. The location is between Filey and Bridlington bays of the North Sea. It is located 13 kilometres..

10 Facts about Flakka

Facts about Flakka tell you about a designer drug. This synthetic stimulant is often called as α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone or gravel. The latter one is a colloquial name.  The development of the drug took place in 1960s.  It has some adverse..

10 Facts about Flag Day

Facts about Flag Day talk about an important celebration in United States. On 14th of June, people in US celebrate the event. The primary purpose is for commemorating the adoption of US flag. The resolution of the Second Continental..

10 Facts about Flag Football

You will be informed with a form of American football by reading Facts about Flag Football.  The sporting game shares similarities with the mainstream game in term of basic rules. The flag belt or flag on the ball carrier..

10 Facts about the Five Year Plan

Facts about the Five Year Plan talk about an economic initiative in Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin was the General Secretary of USSR who created the five-year plan. It was made according to his Socialism in One Country. In 1928..

10 Facts about Fjords

Facts about Fjords talk about a natural feature of earth. The glacial erosion forms a fjord. It is defined as a narrow and long inlet with steep cliffs or sides. It can be found in various coasts in the..

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