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10 Fun Facts about Flatworms

Fun Facts about Flatworms tell the readers about a phylum of invertebrates, which have soft and unsegmented body. It is often called as Platyhelminthes. Flatworms do not have any body cavity. The respiratory and circulatory organs of flatworms are..

10 Facts about Flat Earth

Facts about Flat Earth give the readers the information about an old conception that the shape of earth was in disk or plane. China believed in this flat earth cosmography until 17th century.  The Gupta period in the early..

Top 10 Facts about Flash Floods

You will get the important information about a rapid flooding, which affects the low-lying ground on Facts about Flash Floods.   The basin, dry lakes, rivers and washes may experience flash floods. The primary cause of this disaster is the..

10 Facts about Flashlights

Facts about Flashlights talk about a portable hand-held electric device. The term flashlight is often used in North America. The people who live outside the region often call it a torch.  The LED or light emitting diode or an..

10 Fast Facts about the Flash

Fast Facts about the Flash talk about a freeware software in Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is labeled as Shockwave Flash. The software is used to stream video and audio, execute internet applications and view multimedia. The content for..

10 Facts about Flappers

Facts about Flappers tell the readers about a generation of young Western women in 1920s. Most of them listened to Jazz music. Moreover, they sported the bobbed hairstyle and short skirts.  In the past, the flappers were considered as..

10 Facts about Flannan Isle

Facts about Flannan Isle talk about a small island group located in Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The location is 20 miles or 32 km west of Isle of Lewis. It is often called as The Seven Hunters as the..

10 Facts about Flannery O’Connor

Facts about Flannery O’Connor talk about the famous American author. She was born on 25th March 1925 and died on 3rd August 1964. O’Connor was also recognized as an essayist. During her career, she had written various commentaries and..

10 Facts about Flanders Field

If you are interested with literature, you must know Facts about Flanders Field. This poem is famous in the world. John McCrae was the Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonia who wrote the poem during the World War 1. It was written..

10 Facts about Flan

Facts about Flan tell the readers about a type of culinary. Have you eaten flan before? This food is very delicious. There is no need to wonder that many people like to cook it at home and serve it..

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