10 Facts about FFA

You will get the information about the American youth organization on Facts about FFA. The primary goal of FFA is to support the agricultural education. It consists of the students from the middle and high schools in United States. The founders of FFA included Henry C. Groseclose, Harry Sanders, Edmund Magill and Walter Newman. All of them were agriculture teachers. FFA was named as Future Farmers of Virginia during its founding at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1925. Let me show you other interesting facts about FFA by reading the below post:

Facts about FFA 1: the changing name

The name of FFA was changed into Future Farmers of America in 1928. The name was altered again into National FFA Organization in 1988. Today, people often call this organization as FFA.

Facts about FFA

Facts about FFA

Facts about FFA 2: the youth organization

FFA is noticed as one of the prominent youth organizations in US. It has 7,757 chapters and 629,366 members.

Facts about FFA 3: the members

The members of FFA are not only from United States but also from Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. FFA penetrates in schools of United States as the career and technical student organization.

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FFA Motto

FFA Motto

Facts about FFA 4: agricultural education

Agricultural education is the primary tool used by FFA to make a positive impact related to the life of youth in United States.

Facts about FFA 5: CDE

CDE stands for Career Development Events, which allows the members of FFA to compete in various types of skills such as mechanics and communications.

Facts about FFA 6: the competitions

The competitions occur in diverse levels such as in the national, state, district and local levels.

Facts about FFA 7: supervision

The agricultural education teachers serve as the supervisors for the students. They also work with other adults like employers and parents for the career and education achievement.



Facts about FFA 8: the official colors

Do you know the official colors of FFA? The Corn Gold and National Blue are considered as the official colors.

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Facts about FFA 9: administration

Administration of FFA may be different from one state to another state.  The schools are served by the chapter level. The individual state association is served by the state level. The Virgin Island, Puerto Rico, and US are served by the basic levels of FFA.

FFA Facts

FFA Facts

Facts about FFA 10: the primary members

At first, the high school students were the primary targets of FFA. Then it was expanded to cover the membership of the middle school students.

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