10 Facts about FCCLA

Facts about FCCLA will narrate the story about a non-profit organization.  It focuses to assist the young people in private and public schools by improving their participation in the community, career and family bonds. FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. In the past, FCCLA was called FHA, which stands for Future Homemakers of America. Let me show you other interesting facts about FCCLA below:

Facts about FCCLA 1: the activities of FCCLA members

There are many community programs established by FCCLA members. Some of them include the youth abuse prevention and homeless aid. They will raise the money to cover the programs from the surrounding community.

Facts about FCCLA

Facts about FCCLA

Facts about FCCLA 2: governance

The board of directors will govern the FCCLA. The members of board include youth representative, family and consumer sciences, business, and industry.

Facts about FCCLA 3: the National Executive Council

The members of National Executive Council are elected annually. There will be 10 students who sit at the council.

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Facts about FCCLA 4: the Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer will be held by the National Director of FCCLA.

Facts about FCCLA 5: the function of State Associations

The state advisors and state officers will be elected by the State Associations.

Facts about FCCLA 6: the primary focus

The primary focus of FCCLA is related to the family. It is the only organizations for students, which focuses on such issue.

Facts about FCCLA 7: the membership

The national membership of FCCLA reaches 160,000 young women and men. It has 5,400 chapters. The number of state associations is 47, which can be found in Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico too. Alumni & Associates is established to cover the former members of FCCLA. The organization has covered at least 9 million youths since its establishment in 1945.

FCCLA Members

FCCLA Members

Facts about FCCLA 8: the fund

The student membership dues are used to fund FCCLA. The foundations, corporations and individuals also provide additional funds.

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Facts about FCCLA 9: endorsement

The U.S. Department of Education and AAFCS endorse FCCLA. The former one stands for American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.



Facts about FCCLA 10: the duties of an executive director

The programs, membership service, financial management and program will be carried out and directed by an executive director.

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