Top 10 Facts about Flash Floods

You will get the important information about a rapid flooding, which affects the low-lying ground on Facts about Flash Floods.   The basin, dry lakes, rivers and washes may experience flash floods. The primary cause of this disaster is the heavy rainfall. It is linked with the melted water from snow or ice, tropical storm, hurricane and severe level of thunderstorm. The collapse of a human structure, debris dam and natural ice may also lead into flash flood. The best example was spotted in 1889 when Johnstown Flood took place. Here are other interesting facts about Flash Floods below:

Facts about Flash Floods 1: the differences

The regular floods and flash floods are very different. The latter one will take place less than six hours. The timescale distinguish both.

Facts about Flashlights

Facts about Flashlights

Facts about Flash Floods 2: conditions

A number of conditions are associated with flash floods. When the soil has the low level of absorption, flash flood will occur during the heavy rain.

Facts about Flash Floods 3: the affected areas

Dry areas are the most common areas affected by flash floods. The flash floods usually take place after an eruption in an area located nearby volcanoes. The intense heat melts glaciers, which leads into flash floods.

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Flash Floods Pic

Flash Floods Pic

Facts about Flash Floods 4: the occurrence in US

In United States, flash floods are mostly spotted on the highest mountain ranges. The Southwestern United States is also affected especially in the arid plains.

Facts about Flash Floods 5: the human activities

Flash floods may occur because of human activities. The large amount of water will be released when a dam fails to work.

Facts about Flash Floods 6: the advice

Do not be panic when your area is affected by flash. Rather than crossing the flood, you need to get out of the area affected by flash flood. That is the best advice for you.

Facts about Flash Floods 7: the danger of flash flood

If you think that flash flood is not dangerous, you are wrong. The sudden moving water may drown and kill people. It is possible for a big vehicle to sweep away by a flash flood.

Flash Floods

Flash Floods

Facts about Flash Floods 8: the fatalities

The people swept away by flash floods inside their vehicles were around 50 percent of the fatalities.

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Facts about Flash Floods 9: a SUV vehicle

A SUV vehicle can be swept away by a flash flood with the height of 0.61 metres or 2 feet.

Johnstown Flood

Johnstown Flood

Facts about Flash Floods 10: the death

The people who died because of floods in 2005 were around 127 individuals according to National Weather Service in United States.

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