10 Facts about Fire Tornadoes

Facts about Fire Tornadoes talk about the fire whirl.  People often call it as fire devil. Actually, the term fire tornado is common to call this natural phenomenon, which may end up in disaster.   The flame or ash is considered as the primary component of fire tornado. Have you ever seen fire tornado before? The fire induces this whirlwind. The other terms to call fire tornado are fire twister or firenado. Why don’t you look at the following post below for other information?

Facts about Fire Tornadoes 1: the beginning

The beginning of fire tornado is marked by the presence of a whirl of smoke and wind. The whirling eddies of air is formed due to the turbulent wind and intense rising heat.

Facts about Fire Tornadoes

Facts about Fire Tornadoes

Facts about Fire Tornadoes 2: is it a tornado?

Even though this phenomenon is called fire tornado, actually it is not a real tornado. It is a fire whirl, which looks like a tornado.

Facts about Fire Tornadoes 3: the core

The ash is considered as the core of a fire tornado. The pocket of air is rotated inside it. However, it is invisible.

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Fire Tornadoes

Fire Tornadoes

Facts about Fire Tornadoes 4: the temperature

Can you guess the temperature of fire tornado? It may reach 1,090 degrees Celsius or 2,000 degrees F. It is hot enough to burn the debris.

Facts about Fire Tornadoes 5: the formation

The formation of fire tornado is often associated with the firestorms or wildfires. Both lead into the development of fire vortex.

Facts about Fire Tornadoes 6: the movement

In most cases, fire tornado has slow movement. The debris will be burnt when it touches the fire tornado.

Facts about Fire Tornadoes 7: the danger

You have to be careful with fire tornado for it produces the winds, which may destroy the buildings or structures. It may also kill people.

Fire Tornado Pic

Fire Tornado Pic

Facts about Fire Tornadoes 8: the wind speed

The wind speed of fire tornado can reach 160 kilometer per hours or 100 miles per hour if it is big and large. This type of wind is powerful enough to destroy a big tree.

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Facts about Fire Tornadoes 9: burning

When a person is caught inside a fire tornado, he or she will be burned.

Fire Tornado

Fire Tornado

Facts about Fire Tornadoes 10: the period

It is not easy for the people to extinguish fire tornado. It may occur for one hour or more depending on the strength.

Are you well informed after reading facts about fire tornadoes?