10 Facts about Film Music

Facts about Film Music tell the readers about the film score. Some people often call it as incidental music, move soundtrack, background music or background score. The music is written for a movie. The sound effects and dialogue usually are included in the film score. It may consist of choral, instrumental and orchestral pieces. Get other interesting facts about film music by reading the below post:

Facts about Film Music 1: the primary function

The primary function of film music is to increase the emotional impact on a certain scene as well as to improve the dramatic narrative in the movie.

Facts about Film Music

Facts about Film Music

Facts about Film Music 2: who writes the film music?

The composers will write the music guided by the producer or director of the movie.  In most cases, instrumental soloists, band, or orchestra perform the music. The sound engineer has the job to record the music.

Facts about Film Music 3: the styles of music

The styles of music found in film music are varied depending on the story of the movies.

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Film Music Facts

Film Music Facts

Facts about Film Music 4: the western classical music

The western classical music is considered as the major type of film music. However, the modern ones are influenced by the new age, blues, pop, rock and jazz music.

Facts about Film Music 5: the present-day scores

The present-day scores often feature the combination of electronic and orchestral instruments. The sound of live instruments can be imitated today due to the development of audio sampling and digital technology.

Facts about Film Music 6: the software

The software for composing music is available in the market. Therefore, the composers can create scores without having to work with an ensemble of musicians.

Facts about Film Music 7: songs

If you think that songs are included in the film music, you are wrong. Songs are included in the film soundtrack though they are not scores.

Film Music

Film Music

Facts about Film Music 8: “My Heart Will Go On”

“My Heart Will Go On” is the famous film song from Titanic. Celine Dion is the singer of song. The score is also composed based on the song.

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Facts about Film Music 9: watching the movie

The composer and director have to watch the movie because they decide the scene, which needs score.

Film Music Pic

Film Music Pic

Facts about Film Music 10: the precise timing

The precise timing will be noted by the composer to find out the beginning and ending of film score.

Are you well informed with facts about film music?