10 Facts about Feliz Navidad

Let us check the interesting information about a macaronic Christmas song on Facts about Feliz Navidad. José Feliciano was the singer and songwriter from Puerto Rico who wrote the song in 1970. In United States, this song earns a special status among the people. It is considered as a classic Christmas pop song that people like to chant during the Christmas celebration. The popularity of Felix Navidad is also spotted in many Spanish-speaking countries in the world. Here are other useful facts about Feliz Navidad.

Facts about Feliz Navidad 1:  the meaning of the song

Feliz Navidad had the simple Spanish chorus of “Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad”. In English, the chorus means “Merry Christmas, a prosperous year and happiness”. It is considered as a classic greeting during the Christmas celebration.

Facts about Feliz Navidad

Facts about Feliz Navidad

Facts about Feliz Navidad 2: the popularity

In Canada and United States, Feliz Navidad is super popular. One of the most downloaded songs during the Christmas celebration is Feliz Navidad.

Facts about Feliz Navidad 3: the recording of Feliz Navidad

As I have stated before, Feliz Navidad was written by José Feliciano. He also sang the song for the recording. Jose also played a Puerto Rican cuatro and an acoustic guitar.

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José Feliciano Pic

José Feliciano Pic

Facts about Feliz Navidad 4: the total sales

The total sales of Feliz Navidad were 808,000 downloads as of 25 November 2016. It was a report released by Nielsen SoundScan.

Facts about Feliz Navidad 5: the best-selling Christmas digital singles

In the list of all-time best-selling Christmas holiday digital singles, Feliz Navidad earned the eighth place in SoundScan history.

Facts about Feliz Navidad 6: the most played Christmas songs

Feliz Navidad is included as one of the most played Christmas songs in the world according to ASCAP.

Facts about Feliz Navidad 7: the original version

Jose Feliciano sang the original version of Feliz Navidad. For more than 20 years, the song was placed at the Billboard Hot 100. On 10th January 1998, the song took no. 70 during its ending week.

José Feliciano

José Feliciano

Facts about Feliz Navidad 8: return to the chart

On 7th January 2017, it was very surprising to know that Feliz Navidad made its comeback to the chart of Billboard Hot 100. It earned the no 44.

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Facts about Feliz Navidad 9: the drummer

Paulinho Magalhaes served as the drummer on the original version of Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano.

Feliz Navidad Facts

Feliz Navidad Facts

Facts about Feliz Navidad 10: covered versions

Due to its impressive Feliz Navidad, the song has been covered by many artists such as The Cheetah Girls, Glee Cast, Boney M, El Vez, and Luciano Pavarotti.

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