10 Facts about Felix Mendelssohn

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn will tell the readers about the notable German pianist and composer. He was born on February 3rd, 1809 and died on November 4th, 1847. His full name was Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Moses Mendelssohn is the famous philosopher. He was the grandfather of Felix. You will be informed with the detailed professional, personal and early life of Mendelssohn by reading the below post:

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 1: the family background

Mendelssohn was from a Jewish family. He was baptized as Reformed Christian when he was 7 years old.

Felix Mendelssohn Picture

Felix Mendelssohn Picture

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 2: talent

Felix had developed his impressive musical talent since he was a kid.  However, he was recognized as a genius of music. His parents did not want to exploit it.

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 3: the early success

Before he was a prominent musician in all parts of Europe, he enjoyed a great success in his home country, Germany.

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Felix Mendelssohn Pic

Felix Mendelssohn Pic

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 4: acceptance in Britain

Felix also enjoyed a great success in Britain where he visited the country 10 times. In Britain, he was recognized as a soloist, conductor and composer. Most of Felix’s works were premiered in the country.

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 5: conservative musical style

Felix had the conservative musical style. He did not go well with the anti-radical outlook. Thus, he established Leipzig Conservatoire. Today, it is called University of Music and Theatre Leipzig. The music of Felix was very different from the music of Hector Berlioz, Charles-Valentin and Richard Wagner.

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 6: the musical writing

Felix had created a number of musical writing such as the Scottish Symphony, incidental music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Violin Concerto and the overture The Hebrides.

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 7: Romantic Era

Felix is always known as one of the best musical figures during the Romantic era.

Felix Mendelssohn

Felix Mendelssohn

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Felix was located in Hamburg. Abraham Mendelssohn was the father of Felix. He was a banker.

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Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 9: education

Education was very important in Mendelssohn’s family. He also studied various fields besides music such as philosophy, languages, literature and art.

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn

Facts about Felix Mendelssohn 10: death

In the final years of his life, his health was poor because of overworks and nervous problems. After he had a series of strokes, Felix died on November 4th, 1847.

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