10 Facts about Fats Domino

Get the details about the American pianist on Facts about Fats Domino. He was born on 26th February 1928. His name is Antoine Domino Jr. He uses Fats Domino as the stage name. Before 1955, he had five records, which earned gold certifications by selling more than one million copies. Domino had 35 records sitting at the Chart of US Top 40.

Facts about Fats Domino 1: the music style

The traditional rhythm and blues were considered as the primary part found in his music. He employed various instruments to create a wonderful music composition. The use of drums, electric guitar, piano, bass and saxophones were spotted in his music.

Fats Domino 1962

Fats Domino 1962

Facts about Fats Domino 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Domino was located in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also spent the childhood here. His family background was traced back as French Creole.

Facts about Fats Domino 3: the first language

The first language of Domino was Louisiana Creole French. His father was recognized as a prominent violinist.

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Fats Domino Pic

Fats Domino Pic

Facts about Fats Domino 4: playing piano

Harrison Verrett was a jazz guitarist. He was the brother-in-law of Domino who taught him on how to play piano.

Facts about Fats Domino 5: the success

Domino liked to live in his old neighborhood even though he was successful. His favorite place to sleep was a hammock outside the house even though his home was large enough to accommodate all members of the family.

Facts about Fats Domino 6: the Solid Senders

The Solid Senders was the New Orleans band of Billy Diamonds. Diamond asked Domino to play for his band after he noticed his performance at a backyard barbeque. He was called Fats by Diamond, which reminded him with Fats Pichon and Fats Waller, the notable pianists.

Facts about Fats Domino 7: the first recording

The first recording of Fats Domino was created in the end of 1949. It was entitled “The Fat Man”. By 1953, the single was sold more than a million copies.

Facts about Fats Domino

Facts about Fats Domino

Facts about Fats Domino 8: the debut album

Carry on Rockin was the debut album of Domino. This album had a number of tracks and hits, which had not been released.

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Facts about Fats Domino 9: the hit singles

Other famous hit singles of Domino include “I Want to Walk You Home”, “I’m Walkin'”, “When My Dreamboat Comes Home” and “Be My Guest”.

Fats Domino Facts

Fats Domino Facts

Facts about Fats Domino 10: The Ed Sullivan Show

When Domino was invited on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1956, he sang “Blueberry Hill”. It was a song by Vincent Rose. In 1956-1957, the sales of this song reached five million copies.

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