10 Facts about Fanfares

Let me inform you with a short musical flourish on Facts about Fanfares. The brass instruments and trumpets are considered as the primary musical instruments to play in fanfares. However, it might be accompanied by percussions. The instrumental performance also has great improvisation. The people may enjoy fanfare at a special event. This piece of music is showy and short. Here are other useful facts about fanfare to notice:

Facts about Fanfares 1: the function of fanfare

Even though fanfare is only a short musical piece, it has an important status. It is showy to signify the presence of the important people like the queen, king, prime minister or president. When these important people come, the fanfare will be played to announce them.

facts about Fanfares
facts about Fanfares

Facts about Fanfares 2: the instruments

The common instruments used to play fanfare are trumpets. However, they might be accompanied by other brass instruments and drums to signify the showy effect.

Facts about Fanfares 3: the term fanfare

The term fanfare is not always used to call the musical piece. It is often used by the people to call an event with high level of publicity.

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Fanfares Facts
Fanfares Facts

Facts about Fanfares 4: the beginning of fanfare

The history of fanfare was traced back during the middle Ages. The trumpets playing fanfare in ancient Rome are often depicted in various modern movies. However, there is lack of evidence related to the truth of playing fanfare in ancient Rome.

Facts about Fanfares 5: fanfare in France

Fanfare was defined as a musical piece, which had the repeated notes and energy in 18th century of France.

Facts about Fanfares 6: the modern fanfare

The history of modern fanfare was dated back in Great Britain in 19th century.

Facts about Fanfares 7: the function of fanfare in Britain

In Britain, fanfare earned an important status in the state and royal events such the crowning of queen and king.


Facts about Fanfares 8: Edward VII

During the coronation of Edward VII, the fanfare with the title “Was Glad” was written by Hubert Parry.

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Facts about Fanfares 9: the prominent fanfare in the world

Can you mention some notable fanfares in the world? Aaron Copland created Fanfare for the Common Man. Others include 20th Century Fox Fanfare, Fanfare for St Edmundsbury and Fanfare for a New Theatre.


Facts about Fanfares 10: fanfare today

Fanfare today is not only used for state events. You can hear it during radio news and TV programs.

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