Top 10 Facts about First Aid

Get the useful information on Facts about First Aid. It helps you to deal with the person suffering from a sudden injury. You can promote recovery and prevent the worsened condition on this person with the proper first aid. The injured person will need first aid before the professional paramedic comes for an intervention. When a person is having a cut, you can apply a plaster as the first aid. While you are waiting for an ambulance to come, you can preserve life on the injured person by giving a CPR.

Facts about First Aid 1: who performs first aid?

The lay people usually are the people who perform the first aid. The basic level of first aid should be mastered by these people in order to give the proper treatment.

First Aid Picture

First Aid Picture

Facts about First Aid 2: the first aid provision

The first aid provision is regulated at the local and national level in many countries in the world. It defines the extent of the provision of the first aid by the layperson.

Facts about First Aid 3: the specific training

The specific training will be provided for the laypeople in many forms. For instance by having the first aid training at schools as a mandatory program or by having a public gathering which talk about the first aid.

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First Aid Pic

First Aid Pic

Facts about First Aid 4: an untrained person

Under emergency, the untrained people may provide the first aid with improvisation though they never have first aid training before.

Facts about First Aid 5: the history of first aid

First aid skill has been recorded over the course of history of human being. The primary function during its early days was related to the warfare, which involved the medical and traumatic cases.

Facts about First Aid 6: bandages

The first use of bandages was conducted by the ancient Egyptian people.  It was applied for treating the surgical patient and creating mummies.

Facts about First Aid 7: the study of medics

Ancient Egypt was visited by the Greek philosophers and doctors who wanted to study more about medics.

First Aid Facts

First Aid Facts

Facts about First Aid 8: the Roman army

The Roman army during the ancient period also performed first aid by having hospitals, field ambulances and surgeons.

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Facts about First Aid 9: drowning

People were concerned with drowning in the end of 18th century for it became a major cause of death. William Hawes was a physician who published the importance of artificial respiration for the drowned people in 1773.

First Aid

First Aid

Facts about First Aid 10: Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey

The first ambulance corps was created by Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey, the surgeon of Napoleon.

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