10 Facts about Flakka

Facts about Flakka tell you about a designer drug. This synthetic stimulant is often called as α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone or gravel. The latter one is a colloquial name.  The development of the drug took place in 1960s.  It has some adverse side effects such as hallucinations, paranoia and hyperstimulant. The combination of drugs may contribute to the rate of death by suicide and overdose. It is recommended for the people to stay away from Flakka. Let us find out other important facts about Flakka below:

Facts about Flakka 1: combined drugs

When Flakka is combined with pentedrone, the risk of having heart failure is increased.


Facts about Flakka 2: chemistry

When Flakka is mixed with marquis reagent, it does not develop any reaction. When it is mixed with mecke reagent, it develops the grey to black reaction.

Facts about Flakka 3: detection

You will know whether the people consume Flakka or not by detecting the content through the urine, plasma or blood. Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry is used to find out the poisoning of Flakka in the hospital.

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facts about Flakka
facts about Flakka

Facts about Flakka 4: concentration of Flakka

If the persons use Flakka as a recreational drug, it is expected that its concentration between 10 and 50 μg/L.

Facts about Flakka 5: intoxicated patients

The intoxicated patients have the concentration of flakka in their plasma or blood more than 100 μg/L.

Facts about Flakka 6: the overdosage

The overdosage of flakka occurs if the person has the concentration of the drug more than 300 μg/L.

Facts about Flakka 7: the legal status

In Virginia, Oklahoma, Florida, Delaware, and New Mexico, flakka is considered as a Schedule I drug. It was enlisted to Schedule I on 28th January 2014. On 27th February 2014, it was made effective. Then the temporary ban was implemented.

flakka effect
flakka effect

Facts about Flakka 8: the status in China

China is considered as a controlled substance as of October 2015.  On January 2012, cathinone and pyrovalerone analogues were included as Narcotics by President of the Republic of Italy.

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Facts about Flakka 9: New South Wales

In New South Wales, flakka was made an illegal drug. The legislation was made after the death of two persons after using flakka.

flakka facts
flakka facts

Facts about Flakka 10: the banned drug

Flakka was banned in a number of countries such as Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Romania, Norway, Turkey, Slovenia, UK, and Ireland.

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