10 Facts about Fertilization

We will give interesting information about the union of a human egg and sperm on facts about fertilization. It usually takes place in the ampulla of falopian tube. Human fertilization has been a vital subject to discuss in biology and other scientific researches. After sperm and egg meet, the fertilized eggs will be turned into zygote cells. The prenatal development occurs after the fertilization. In 19th century, the dynamic of human fertilization was discovered by the scientists. Let us find out other interesting facts about fertilization below:

Facts about Fertilization 1: fertilization process

The fusion of sperm and egg or ovum is considered as the main event in the fertilization process of human beings.

Facts about Fertilization

Facts about Fertilization

Facts about Fertilization 2: the sequences

During the copulation, ejaculation will take place. It marks the first sequence of fertilization.  The next sequence is ovulation. Fertilization is the last sequence.

Facts about Fertilization 3: types of fertilization

There are a number of fertilization types. They include external ejaculation without copulation, in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and copulation after ovulation.

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Fertilization Facts

Fertilization Facts

Facts about Fertilization 4: IVF

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization.  This process of fertilization is characterized by the fertilization of eggs cells by sperm located outside the womb.

Facts about Fertilization 5: the occurrence of fertilization

Fertilization only occurs if diploid cell is formed from the fusion of egg and sperm’s nucleus.  People use the term zygote to call the diploid cell.

Facts about Fertilization 6: the role of egg

In the past, many scientists believed that egg had a passive role. However, the belief is rejected by the current studies that eggs also have an active role during the process of fertilization.

Facts about Fertilization 7: the age of prenatal development

The prenatal development on the human fertilization is defined in a number of resultant ages. It may include the fetal age, embryonic age, fertilization age and fertilization age.

Fertilization Pictures

Fertilization Pictures

Facts about Fertilization 8: how to count the gestational age

You can count the gestational age of human being by adding fertilization age with 14 days.

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Facts about Fertilization 9: disorders

The fertilization process on human beings might be interrupted due to a number of disorders. One of them is a condition where eggs are fertilized by multiple sperms.



Facts about Fertilization 10: the fraternal twins

Some scientists believe that the eight sperm cells from the father are used to fertilize the egg cell of the mother in the rare pairs of fraternal twins.

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