10 Facts about Fertility Treatment

Facts about Fertility Treatment talk about the ART or assisted reproductive technology. The primary purpose is to achieve pregnancy. It can be conducted in a number of methods. The prominent one includes in vitro fertilization, fertility medication and surrogacy. People often call it as fertility or infertility treatment. Cryopreservation and intracytoplasmic sperm injection are also included as forms of fertility treatment. If you are interested to learn more about this reproductive technology, you have to check the reproductive endocrinology and fertility field of study. Here are other impressive facts about fertility treatment:

Facts about Fertility Treatment 1: genetic reasons

The genetic reasons are also considered when fertility treatment is conducted on a fertile couple who want pregnancy.

facts about Fertility Treatment

facts about Fertility Treatment

Facts about Fertility Treatment 2: disease

The couple with HIV can decrease the risk of having infection on the infant if they follow fertility treatment program.

Facts about Fertility Treatment 3: the in vitro fertilization

The in vitro fertilization takes place by having the oocytes in the laboratory. Therefore, sexual intercourse is absent.

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Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment

Facts about Fertility Treatment 4: what is ART?

The eggs and sperms are handled during the fertility treatment. The sperm and egg will meet in the laboratory after the egg of the women is removed from their ovaries. Then it will be returned to the body of them or it can be donated to the body of another woman.

Facts about Fertility Treatment 5: artificial insemination

If you think that the artificial insemination is included in fertility treatment, you are wrong. In that case, only sperm is handled. According to the definition, both sperm and egg should be handled together.

Facts about Fertility Treatment 6: egg production

The stimulation of egg production in a woman who takes medication is not included as a part of fertility treatment since the eggs are not retrieved.

Facts about Fertility Treatment 7: the methods of in vitro fertilization

The two common methods for in vitro fertilization include embryo transfers and transvaginal ovum retrieval.

sperm donation

sperm donation

Facts about Fertility Treatment 8: the less common methods

The less common methods applied in fertility treatment include Intracytoplasmic sperm injection and assisted zona hatching.

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Facts about Fertility Treatment 9: egg donors

The women with genetic causes, chemotherapy, surgery or poor egg quality may take egg donor to achieve pregnancy.

artificial uterus

artificial uterus

Facts about Fertility Treatment 10: the number of embryos

The number of embryos will be increased by having embryo splitting.

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