10 Facts about FASD

Facts about FASD will inform us with the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. The chance of having this condition is higher on person whose mother consumes alcoholic drinks during the pregnancy. The medical conditions include the problem related to seeing and hearing. The person with FASD may have low level of intelligence, poor coordination, low body weight, short height, abnormal appearance, behavioral problem and small head size.

Facts about FASD 1: the effect of FASD

The person with FASD may conduct the dangerous behaviors, involve in legal problems, have problem with drugs and alcohol and have trouble at school.

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks

Facts about FASD 2: fetal alcohol syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS is considered the most severe form.  It also has other conditions like ARBD, which stands for alcohol-related birth defects, ARND or alcohol-related neurodevelopment disorder and pFAS or partial fetal alcohol syndrome.

Facts about FASD 3: the primary cause

The excessive drinking of alcohol by the mother during the pregnancy is the major cause of FASD.

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No Drink Alcohol

No Drink Alcohol

Facts about FASD 4: the research

There was a research conducted in United States. The pregnant women who drank alcohol in the last month accounted for 10 percent. The pregnant women who drank at one point of their pregnancy were around 20 percent to 30 percent.

Facts about FASD 5: the alcoholic women

The alcoholic and pregnant women made up 4.7 percent of North American women.

Facts about FASD 6: the risk

The risk of having FASD is determined by the frequency as well as the amount of alcohol consumed by the pregnant women.

Facts about FASD 7: other risks

Other risks, which may increase FASD, include the poor diet, smoking cigarettes and old age.

Facts about FASD

Facts about FASD

Facts about FASD 8: the small amount of alcohol

Drinking small amount of alcohol may affect the behavior of a person even though it usually does not affect the face.

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Facts about FASD 9: the diagnosis

The diagnosis of FASD is seen by checking the symptoms and signs of a person. One thing for sure the pregnant women should avoid drinking alcohol to decrease the risk of having the baby with FASD. The person with FASD can be treated with parent-child interaction therapy or even medication depending on the diagnosis.



Facts about FASD 10: the number of people with FASD

FASD is found on 2 percent until 5 percent of the people who lived in Western Europe and US.

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