10 Facts about Fibonacci Sequence

The famous works of Leonardo Pisano will be explained on Facts about Fibonacci Sequence. It begins with 0 and 1.  It is a series of number begin with 0. Then it will be followed by 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so forth. The name of the sequence is derived from the founder, Fibonacci. In 1202, Liber abaci was published which contained Fibonacci numbers. You will be informed with facts about Fibonacci sequence by reading the below post:

Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 1: who was Fibonacci?

If you love mathematics, you must know more about Fibonacci. He spent his life trading and traveling. His father was a merchant from Pisa.

Facts about Fibonacci sequence
Facts about Fibonacci sequence

Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 2: the importance of mathematics

Mathematics played an important role in the trading industry. Since he was young, Fibonacci had been amazed by numbers.

Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 3: the first knowledge about number

The first insight of Fibonacci about number was from the Hindu-Arabic arithmetic system.  When he was in North Africa, he learned the system.

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Fibonacci sequence Facts
Fibonacci sequence Facts

Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 4: the contribution of Fibonacci

Fibonacci had contributed a lot in the field of mathematics.  He made a book about irrational numbers, commercial arithmetic and geometry.

Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 5: the first notice on the sequence

Fibonacci had a difficulty to decide the rabbit breeding.  This mathematical problem made him realize about the sequence.

Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 6: the pairs of rabbit

Fibonacci began to think about the number of the baby rabbit, which can be born from a male, and a female rabbit.

Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 7: the natural condition

If you think that the sequence is not realistic, you are wrong. It applies in the real world. The Fibonacci spiral is spotted in the arrangement of sunflower seeds. The size of the seed head is not a big deal for the seeds will be arranged in uniform.

Fibonacci sequence Rabbit
Fibonacci sequence Rabbit

Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 8: the Golden Rectangle

The Golden Rectangle is a term to call the spiral and resulting rectangle in Fibonacci numbers.

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Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 9: phi

Phi is the Greek letter used to define the Golden ratio in Fibonacci sequence.

Fibonacci sequence
Fibonacci sequence

Facts about Fibonacci Sequence 10: the fame

Fibonacci is famous in the world for he introduced the Hindu-Arab numeral system and created the Fibonacci sequence.

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