10 Facts about Fiction

Facts about Fiction make us discuss a type of literary genre. It is applied not only in writing but also in animations, television programs, films, live performances, role-playing games and video games. The play, novella, novel and short story can be written in fiction.  The term fiction is often defined as any story based on imagination. It is not made according to facts or history. Let us get other interesting facts about fiction below:

Facts about Fiction 1: literary narrative

Actually, fiction is not included as a genre. It is mostly seen as a literary narrative in the narrow definition.

facts about Fiction

facts about Fiction

Facts about Fiction 2: fiction and non-fiction

Fiction and non-fiction are different. Fiction is not based on real facts or truth. On the other hand, the non-fiction works force the writers to present the historical facts and truth. In postmodern literature, it is hard for the people to distinguish the nonfiction and fiction works.

Facts about Fiction 3: creative invention

Creativity is very important in the work of fiction. The readers will try to seek for reality in the works of fiction.

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Fiction Author

Fiction Author

Facts about Fiction 4: freedom

The writers have higher level of freedom when presenting stories of fiction for they do not have to adhere the real world.

Facts about Fiction 5: a fictional universe

A fictional universe is formed in the work of fiction. The events and characters are not bounded by the real world.  The readers have freedom to create an interpretation related to the work of fiction.

Facts about Fiction 6: the traditional types of fiction

Plays, narrative poetry, myths, legends, fables, short stories, novels, epic and novella are some traditional examples of fiction.

Facts about Fiction 7: the modern examples of fiction

Video games, manga, film, anime, stop motions, animated cartoons, comic books, TV programs, and films are the modern examples of fiction.

Fiction Facts

Fiction Facts

Facts about Fiction 8: the role of internet

The development of fiction today is mainly affected by the internet. A new form of fiction is created due to users’ creativity and internet.

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Facts about Fiction 9: blog fiction

Blog fiction is dedicated for those who like reading and writing fiction. The users try to spread the stories of fiction.



Facts about Fiction 10: types of fiction in prose

Novel, novella and short story are the three major types of fiction in prose.  Novel contains more than 170 pages with 50,000 words. On the other hand, short story only has around 5 to 25 pages.

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