Top 10 Facts about Fire Safety

I will show you Facts about Fire Safety in the following post. The risk of having destruction by fire can be decreased if you apply a set of practices called fire safety.  The practices are used to prevent the fire ignition as well as reduce the risk of having destruction if the fire starts.  When a person plans to construct a building or structure, a fire safety should be applied. Let us find out other important facts about fire safety below:

Facts about Fire Safety 1: fire hazard

Fire hazard is considered as a threat to fire safety. To reduce the fire hazard, the people consider the fire safety measures as a vital component for a building.

Fire Safety Facts

Fire Safety Facts

Facts about Fire Safety 2: Fire Prevention Officers

Have you ever heard about Fire Prevention Officers? They have the primary responsibility to make sure that the Fire Code is applied on the buildings or structure. Moreover, they also talk about the Fire Safety Topics at schools to educate the students.

Facts about Fire Safety 3: the newcomers

The newcomers who join the Fire Prevention Division of Fire Department will be trained y the Chief of Fire Prevention. They also make a presentation and inspection related to fire safety.

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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Facts about Fire Safety 4: the application of fire safety

When a building is constructed, the fire safety policies should be applied for protection. Moreover, they also employ the operating life.

Facts about Fire Safety 5: the governments

The national and local governments will enact fire safety into the building codes. Therefore, the important features such as fire rated walls, windows and doors should be installed. The fire signage and fire exits should be available.

Facts about Fire Safety 6: electrical codes

Electrical codes are also applied in respect with the fire safety. The overheating on the electrical equipment and wiring will be prevented with fire safety.

Facts about Fire Safety 7: the buildings

The buildings, which apply the fire code, include restaurants, theatres and offices.

Fire Tornadoes

Fire Tornadoes

Facts about Fire Safety 8: the equipments

The equipments, which support fire safety in a building, include a fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system and portable fire extinguisher.

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Facts about Fire Safety 9: regular inspections

The regular inspections will be conducted by the local authorities on various items. It will not violate the fire safety if the building has the proper storage for flammable materials, the appropriate type of fire extinguishers, good exit signage and proper fire exit.

Facts about Fire Safety

Facts about Fire Safety

Facts about Fire Safety 10: the result of fire inspection

If the building does not meet the fire code requirements, it might be closed by the local authority.

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