10 Fun Facts about Fishing

Fun Facts about Fishing will tell you about either a recreational or a commercial activity of catching fish. Most of the fishers will do fishing in the wild. They will implement a number of techniques such as trapping, angling, netting, spreading or hand gathering the fish. When you do fishing, you can catch various aquatic animals. It is not always a fish. You can catch echinoderms, crustaceans, cephalopods and mollusks. Here are other interesting facts about fishing:

Fun Facts about Fishing 1: the term

The term fishing is mostly applied to call the activity of catching the fish.  People use the term whaling when they want to catch the whales.

Facts about Fishing

Facts about Fishing

Fun Facts about Fishing 2: the fishermen and fish farmers

Can you guess the number of fishermen and fish farmer in the world? It reached 38 million according to the United Nations FAO statistics.

Fun Facts about Fishing 3: employment

Almost 500 million people who live in the developing countries get the employment because of aquaculture and fisheries.

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Fishing Facts

Fishing Facts

Fun Facts about Fishing 4: the consumption

The amount of global per capita consumption of fish from the wild reached 14.4 kg in 2005. It reached 7.4 kg of fish consumed from the fish farms in that same year.

Fun Facts about Fishing 5: modern fishing

Modern fishing is not always associated with commercial activity. Some people also do fishing to enjoy the recreational pastime.

Fun Facts about Fishing 6: an ancient practice

Fishing is not a new activity. The ancient people had conducted fishing 40,000 years ago during the Upper Paleolithic period.

Fun Facts about Fishing 7: in 17th century

In 17th century, the first type of sailing frawler was the British dogger. In 19th century, the development of modern fishing was spotted.

Fishing Pic

Fishing Pic

Fun Facts about Fishing 8: Brixham

Brixham featured the modern English fishing port by the beginning of 19th century. The village got the title as ‘Mother of Deep-Sea Fisheries’.

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Fun Facts about Fishing 9: a recreational fishing

The recreational fishing was recorded in the earliest English essays in 1496. Dame Juliana Berners wrote the essays. The title was Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle.



Fun Facts about Fishing 10: the purpose of recreational fishing

People look for profit when they do commercial fishing. People do recreational fishing for sport and pleasure in their spare time.  They usually apply different technique for catching the fish in recreational fishing.

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