10 Fun Facts about Fashion

Fun Facts about Fashion talk about the style of practice related to the usage of clothing, makeup, footwear, and accessories. The trend of fashion changes over the years. In the past, people wore the intricate and extravagant dress. Today, the contemporary dress is simpler and easier to wear. The term costume is often used to call the masquerade wear or fancy dress. Fashion is not only a practice, but also an industry today. The custom made clothing created by the fashion houses is super expensive.

Fun Facts about Fashion 1: the rise of technologies

The rise of technologies in the early 20th century enables the industries to create clothing in mass production.  The sewing machine is considered as the primary machine to make clothes.

Facts about Fashion

Facts about Fashion

Fun Facts about Fashion 2: the global industry

Now fashion is a global industry for they can be found in many parts of the world. The initial development of fashion was actually was spotted in America and Europe.

Fun Facts about Fashion 3: the factors of fashion trends

The technological, social, economical and political issues are some factors, which affect fashion trends. The prediction of fashion trend is conducted by the fashion forecaster.

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Fashion Facts

Fashion Facts

Fun Facts about Fashion 4: the political factor

Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was the wife of United States President, John F. Kennedy who became a fashion icon in 1960s. Her appearance as the first lady popularized the formal dressing trend in United States.

Fun Facts about Fashion 5: the younger generation in 1960s

In 1960s, the younger generation likes to dress up wearing the leg baring miniskirt due to the political revolution. Thus, the fashion designers created fashion clothing with trumpet sleeves, loose sleeveless, macro-minies, and flared skirts.

Fun Facts about Fashion 6: technology

Technology is very helpful to improve fashion industry. Today, the 3D printing technology is applied on some fashion clothing.

Fun Facts about Fashion 7: the new marketing style

Fashion is not only sold in department stores or even boutiques. Due to the presence of internet technology, marketing their fashion can be conducted via the official websites.



Fun Facts about Fashion 8: the military influence

The military fashion also influences the designers to create unique fashion using the camouflage pattern.

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Fun Facts about Fashion 9: the social influence

Fashion is also influenced by fashion bloggers, celebrities and trends in social media.

Fashion Classic

Fashion Classic

Fun Facts about Fashion 10: the needs of consumers

The fashion company will have better understanding related to the fashion trends in a certain region by looking at their income, age, profession and gender.

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