10 Facts about Felt

Are you a fan of fashion? You have to check Facts about Felt. This textile material has been applied to produce a wide array of fashion products. Fibers will be matted, condensed and pressed together to produce this material.  The blended fibers, wood pulp-based rayon, petroleum-based acrylic and wool are the common types of fibers used to create felt. Felt is not a new textile material. The history can be traced back in the past. That is why it is considered as the oldest known textile in the world. Why don’t you look at the whole post for detail information?

Facts about Felt 1: legends

Felt is associated with a number of legends related to the felt production. Urnamman of Lagash was believed by the Sumerian legend as the one who discovered the feltmaking secret.

Facts about Felt Making

Facts about Felt Making

Facts about Felt 2: another legend

Another legend was associated with the origin of felt. Saint Clement and Saint Christopher prevented the blister by packing their sandals with wool when they flee from persecution. The wool then was turned into felt socks due to the sweat and movement.

Facts about Felt 3: the nomadic people

The nomadic people like Turkic people, Mongols and Altaic people still apply feltmaking.  The clothes, tents and rugs of these nomadic people are created from felt.

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Felt Facts

Felt Facts

Facts about Felt 4: the decorated slippers

The decorated slippers are made of felt too. They are usually created from the tourist market.

Facts about Felt 5: the use of felt in western world

Felt earns a different status in western world. It has been used as a medium for contemporary art and textile art.

Facts about Felt 6: the usage

If you think that felt is only used in fashion, you are wrong. A number of manufacturing processes and industries in the world use felt for creating home construction, musical instrument, casinos and automotive industry.

Facts about Felt 7: as damper

Felt is often used as a damper in various musical instruments. Felt is applied on drum cymbal stands to make sure that the clean sound is produced and cracking is absent from cymbal. Other musical instruments, which use felt, include pianos, timpani and bass drums.



Facts about Felt 8: the location of felt in piano

Felt is located on the accordions below the piano keys.

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Facts about Felt 9: a vibration damper

The vibration or sound damper is served by felt in machineries and industries.

Facts about Felt

Facts about Felt

Facts about Felt 10: felt in art painting

In art, felt is mainly used to frame painting. The painting edge will be protected from any damage from rubbing.

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