10 Amazing Facts about Fireworks

You will be informed with a type of low explosive device used by the people for entertainment on Amazing Facts about Fireworks. People love fireworks because of their sparkling and colorful beauty. During the New Year’s celebration, people like to lit the grandeur fireworks.  The firework show is common in the world. There are a number of places in the world, which launch firework competition. Let us find out other impressive facts about fireworks below:

Amazing Facts about Fireworks 1: the main effects

There are four main effects of fireworks. They are the floating effect, smoke, light and noise. That is why fireworks are available in many types, designs and forms.

Facts about Fireworks

Facts about Fireworks

Amazing Facts about Fireworks 2: the colored flames

Fireworks have many colored flames. You may spot silver, purple, blue, red, yellow, green, orange and other colors.

Amazing Facts about Fireworks 3: the importance of fireworks

Can you tell me the importance of fireworks? They are considered as the spotlight during the festive celebrations and events.

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Amazing Facts about Fireworks 4: the invention

Ancient Chinese people took the credit for inventing fireworks in the seventh century. The primary purpose at that time was to get rid of the evil spirit.

Amazing Facts about Fireworks 5: fireworks in China

Fireworks in China have been used for time to time in various cultural celebrations such as the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and Chinese New Year.

Amazing Facts about Fireworks 6: the production of fireworks

The country, which produces most fireworks, is China. There is no need to wonder that it is known as the largest exporter of fireworks.

Amazing Facts about Fireworks 7: danger

If you are interested to lit fireworks, you have to handle it with care. The risk of having burn or wound is high if you have improper use.

Fireworks Facts

Fireworks Facts

Amazing Facts about Fireworks 8: Montreal Fireworks Festival

Montreal Fireworks Festival is a competition of firework launched in Montreal Canada. Actually, other competitions are held in different parts of the world.

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Amazing Facts about Fireworks 9: the top fireworks companies

The top fireworks companies in the world take part in a global firework competition called World Pyro Olympics.



Amazing Facts about Fireworks 10: the major types

There are two major types of fireworks. They are the aerial and ground fireworks. The latter one is less popular. However, it may produce impressive performance, which creates many unique shapes such as 3D globes, stars and circles.

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