10 Facts about Faust

The protagonist of a classic German legend will be explained on Facts about Faust. He exchanged his soul to the Devil so that he earned the pleasures and unlimited knowledge. Faust was never satisfied with his life even though he has successful. The legend of Faust has inspired many works of music, cinema, art and literature. His act has been re-interpreted over the years. Here are other interesting facts about Faust:

Facts about Faust 1: the popularity Faust

In 16th century, the legend of Faust was popular in Germany. It inspired the locals to create comic puppet. Faust was depicted as a vulgar fun in some occasions.

Faust Facts

Faust Facts

Facts about Faust 2: Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe was a notable author who introduced the legend of Faust in England. He applied the classical depiction in Faust.

Facts about Faust 3: the play of Marlowe

The play of Marlowe inspired from Faust Legend was entitled The Tragically History of Doctor Faustus. The dispute occurred related to the date of its publication. It was probably published in 1587.

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Faust Pic

Faust Pic

Facts about Faust 4: redefining the story of Faust

The story of Faust was redefined by Goethe. Faust was depicted as a successful scholar, yet he had no satisfaction with his life.

Facts about Faust 5: bargain with the Devil

Faust collaborated with the Devil’s representative, Mephistopheles. He wanted to get magic power and knowledge from the Devil. Faust will get magic powers for 24 years according to the early legends. When the term ends, the soul of Faust belongs to the Devil. He will become the Devil’s slave forever.

Facts about Faust 6: the use of Mephistopheles

Mephistopheles had been used by Faust to do various actions. According to Goethe’s drama, Faust seduced Gretchen, an innocent and beautiful girl with the help of Mephistopheles.

Facts about Faust 7: Gretchen’s life

The life of Gretchen was destroyed when she gave birth to his bastard son. She was convicted for murder after drowning the child.  After she was executed, she went to heave due to her innocence.



Facts about Faust 8: the end life of Faust

In the early tales, Faust was sent to hell carried by the Devil since his sin could not be forgiven. However, he was forgiven by God during his constant striving in Goethe’s rendition.

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Facts about Faust 9: Theophilus legend

Theophilus legend traced back in 13th century had some similarities with Faust legend.

Facts about Faust

Facts about Faust

Facts about Faust 10: opera

A number of operas have been inspired from Faust. They include Doktor Faust, Mefistofele, and Faust et Marguerite.

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