10 Facts about Firearms

A type of weapon is explained on Facts about Firearms. This barreled weapon is considered as a portable gun. It may contain one or more projectiles.  China had the first primitive firearms dated back in 13th century. It a combination of projectiles and a portable fire lance for one person. Let us check other interesting facts about firearms:

Facts about Firearms 1: the Chinese technology

The Chinese technology inspired others to produce the similar weapon. It spread to Europe, Middle East, South Asia and East Asia.



Facts about Firearms 2: the traditional and modern firearms

The smokeless powder is applied on modern firearms as the propellant. On the other hand, black powder is found on the traditional firearms.

Facts about Firearms 3: the description of modern firearms

Most people use the caliber to define modern firearms.  Other descriptions are related to means of deportment, employed action and gauge.  The second one includes the semi-automatic, pump, bolt, lever, muzzle, and automatic.

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Firearms 1903

Firearms 1903

Facts about Firearms 4: the classification

Firearms are classified according to some types. It is defined as a percussion lock, flintlock, wheel lock and matchlock based on the firing mechanism. Other classification is according to the intention of use, barrel length and barrel type.

Facts about Firearms 5: the differences of firearms and artillery

The terms firearms and artillery are different. The latter one is used to define the large weapons with gunpowder. The small arms are used to call the firearms.

Facts about Firearms 6: the shooters and targets

The shooters can apply the optical sights and iron sights when using the firearms on the targets.

Facts about Firearms 7: the range of riffles

When you use the iron sights, the riffles can shot to 500 metres or 550 yards. On the other hand, the pistols only have accurate range of 100 metres or 110 yards.

Firearms Facts

Firearms Facts

Facts about Firearms 8: the sniper riffles

The sniper rifles have more accurate range, which reaches 2,000 meters or 2,200 yards.

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Facts about Firearms 9: the smallest firearms

The handgun is considered as the smallest type of firearms. The semi-automatic pistols and revolvers are the two prevalent types of handguns.

Facts about Firearms

Facts about Firearms

Facts about Firearms 10: configuration

The revolving cylinder of revolvers features charge holes or firing chambers. The shooter is capable to fire more than one round on a semi-automatic pistol due to the presence of a magazine. The single-shot muzzleloaders were the type of handguns before 19th century.

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