10 Facts about Ferguson Case

Facts about Ferguson Case present the details about the shooting of Michael Brown, which took place in Ferguson, Missouri on 9th August 2014. Therefore, it is called Ferguson Case. A white police officer in Ferguson, Darren Wilson fatally shot Brown after the report that he robbed a convenience store. Brown was an 18-year-old black man. The case became the major headline because of the civil unrest and protests conducted by the black people in Ferguson. Let us find out other facts about Ferguson Case below:

Facts about Ferguson Case 1: the national debate

The Ferguson case led into the national debate related to the use of force of the police officers in Missouri and the relationship of law enforcement with black people in United States.

Ferguson Case Brown Jr

Ferguson Case Brown Jr

Facts about Ferguson Case 2: the decision of grand jury

Wilson was not indicted by the grand jury of St. Louis County. US Department of Justice also made him clear from any criminal offense.

Facts about Ferguson Case 3: the security camera footage

Before the shooting took place, security camera footage recorded that Brown took some packages of cigarillos. The store clerk tried to stop him but he was assaulted by Brown. Dorian Johnson was a friend of Brown who accompanied him in the robbery.

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Ferguson Case Pic

Ferguson Case Pic

Facts about Ferguson Case 4: the reported robbery

Wilson was reported about two suspects of robbery. When Johnson and Brown were in the middle of the street, they met Wilson.

Facts about Ferguson Case 5: pursuing Brown and Johnson

Wilson tried to block the two men with his cruiser. Wilson tried to pursue when both fled. Brown moved to toward Wilson. Wilson fired him with 12 bullets. The fatal shot was the last bullet.

Facts about Ferguson Case 6: the final shots

The final shots were fired by Wilson when Brown was moving toward him. Do you know that Brown was unarmed?

Facts about Ferguson Case 7: the witness reports

The witness reported that Brown had his hands up during the shooting. However, US Department of Justice was skeptical with the credibility of the reports.

Ferguson Case Facts

Ferguson Case Facts

Facts about Ferguson Case 8: the hands up account

The black community was in rage due to the hands up account. The violent and peaceful protests took place in Ferguson more than one week.

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Facts about Ferguson Case 9: the result of the case

Wilson was not found guilty for the shooting. Wilson did the shooting for self-defense against Brown.

Facts about Ferguson Case

Facts about Ferguson Case

Facts about Ferguson Case 10: the life of Wilson

Though he was cleared from any crime, Wilson decided to resign as a police officer on 29 November.

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