10 Facts about Family Violence

The term family violence refers to the battering, domestic abuse and domestic violence. The following Facts about Family Violence will discuss it in details.  The violence is conducted within the family, cohabitation or marriage. It may involve the abuse toward the kids in the family or spouse. It comes in several forms such as the sexual, religious, economic, emotional, verbal, and physical abuse.

Facts about Family Violence 1: the domestic murder

The domestic murder may take the form of dowry death, honor killing, bride burning and stoning.

Domestic violence Facts
Domestic violence Facts

Facts about Family Violence 2: the forms of domestic violence

The acid throwing is considered as one of the brutal forms of family violence. It may lead into the death. The female genital mutilation and marital rape are also included as the forms of domestic violence.

Facts about Family Violence 3: the women

Most family violence cases in the world are experienced by the women. The family violence is justified in some countries in the world. When the woman involves in infidelity, the husband believes that he has the right to punish his wife.

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Domestic violence
Domestic violence

Facts about Family Violence 4: gender equality

The rate of domestic violence in countries in the world has something to do with the gender equality.

Facts about Family Violence 5: the underreported

The family violence, which occurs on both men and women, remain unreported. The men decide not to report the violence because of the stereotype of victimization of men. The abuser does not feel guilty about the abuse for they think that it is justified and acceptable to do.

Facts about Family Violence 6: the intergenerational cycles of abuse

When abusive behavior occurs in a family, the children will think that violence is acceptable. It may lead into an intergenerational cycle of violence in the family.

Facts about Family Violence 7: being trapped

The lack of economic resources, shame, isolation, the need to protect the kids and cultural acceptance make the victims trapped in the domestic violent situations.

Facts about Family violence
Facts about Family violence

Facts about Family Violence 8: the negative impact for the victims

The victims will experience negative impact since they have lack of healthy relationship, limited finance, severe health problem, physical disability and mental illness.

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Facts about Family Violence 9: the authority of the husband

The authority of the husband was seen when he beat the wife before the mid-1800s.

Domestic violence Victim
Domestic violence Victim

Facts about Family Violence 10: the wife beating

The wife beating was forbidden in Tennessee in 1850. The women were allowed to separate from the abusive husband in United Kingdom according to the UK Matrimonial Causes Act in 1878.

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