10 Facts about Fair Use

There is no need for us to get the permission from the rights holders to have limited use of copyrighted material. This legal doctrine is known in United States. It will be explained in details on facts about fair use. Other countries outside United States also perform the similar thing. In United States, the search engines, researches, scholarship, news reporting, parody, criticism and commentary are included as the examples of fair use of copyrights. Get other interesting facts about fair use below:

Facts about Fair Use 1: the high-tech businesses

The software developers and search engineers are the examples of high tech businesses, which earn economic benefits because of fair use.

Fair Use Facts

Fair Use Facts

Facts about Fair Use 2: the non-technology industries

The newspaper publishers, legal services and insurances are some of the non-technology industries, which also get the economy benefits.

Facts about Fair Use 3: the growth of economy in US

The growth of economy in United States is also contributed by the fair use dependent industries.

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Facts about Fair Use

Facts about Fair Use

Facts about Fair Use 4: CCIA

CCIA, which stands for Computer and Communication Industry Association, released a study related to the fair use exception in United States on 12 September 2007. The companies represented by CCIA include Microsoft Inc., Google Inc., Sun Microsystem, Oracle Corporation, Yahoo! and other companies.

Facts about Fair Use 5: the result of study by CCIA

The study revealed that United States earned $4.5 trillion for the annual revenue from the fair use exception. The World Intellectual Property Organization developed the methodology and performed the study.

Facts about Fair Use 6: the jobs and economic growth

There were almost 11 million jobs in United States contributed from the fair use dependent industries. It also contributed to 18 percent of economic development in the country.

Facts about Fair Use 7: the doctrine of fair use

Fair use was very important for development of internet and high tech business for it allowed the people to use the content in limited manner.

Fair Use Ideas

Fair Use Ideas

Facts about Fair Use 8: the international celebration

The celebration of fair use and fair dealing is conducted during the Fair Use Week. It becomes an international celebration in the world.

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Facts about Fair Use 9: Kyle K. Courtney

In February 2014, Kyle K. Courtney organized the first Fair Use Week in Harvard University. Kyle was a Copyright Advisor at Harvard University.

Fair Use Internet

Fair Use Internet

Facts about Fair Use 10: the celebration of first Fair Use Week

The fair use workshops, live fair use panels, blog post from fair use experts were available during the first fair use week.

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