Top 10 Facts about Fingerprints

The below article will present Facts about Fingerprints.  When police are working in a crime scene, they always try to look for fingerprints. It has been used as a significant technique in forensic science. The fingerprint is defined as an impression left by a human finger. It will be easier to spot the impression of a fingerprint on a polished stone, metal or glass material. Let us check other impressive facts about fingerprints below:

Facts about Fingerprints 1: a fingerprint card

A fingerprint card contains the impression of fingerprints of human beings, which cover the last joints of thumbs and fingers.

Facts about Fingerprints

Facts about Fingerprints

Facts about Fingerprints 2: a human identity

A human identity is easier to decide according to their fingerprints because they are unique and detailed. Moreover, the fingerprints are durable. It is very difficult for us to change the fingerprints.

Facts about Fingerprints 3: the identified fingerprints

The fingerprint of an individual is identified by the authorities for a number of purposes such as to identify a deceased person. In many cases, it is used to identify a criminal who wants to hide his or her identity.

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Facts about Fingerprints 4: the importance of fingerprint analysis

Many crimes have been solved due to the presence of fingerprint analysis in 20th century.

Facts about Fingerprints 5: gloves

Since fingerprint can identify a person, many criminals wear gloves to avoid leaving any fingerprints on the crime scene.

Facts about Fingerprints 6: classification system

There are a number of classification systems, which have been used to identify fingerprints. Those include the Henry Classification System, Juan Vucetich system and Roscher system.

Facts about Fingerprints 7: the application of Roscher system

Japan and Germany apply Roscher system to identify fingerprints. Actually, this system was developed in the latter country. Most English-speaking countries apply the Henry system developed in India. The South Americans employ Vucetich system.



Facts about Fingerprints 8:  the fingerprints patterns

The arch, whorl and loop are the three basic fingerprint patterns noted in the Henry Classification system.

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Facts about Fingerprints 9: other fingerprints pattern

The central pocket loop, plain arch, and tented arch are the other prevalent fingerprints pattern.

Fingerprints Pictures

Fingerprints Pictures

Facts about Fingerprints 10: Fingerprint identification

Fingerprint identification can be conducted by using the computer system. The unaided eye can view the plastic print or patent print.  You can use the naked eye to see the latent prints.

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