10 Facts about the Femur

The human body consists of many parts. One of them is femur. The common name is thighbone.  Actually, the reptiles, land mammals and birds also have femur. It enables us to jump and walk. The femur is only found on the hind limbs of horses and dogs.  In the body, femur is considered as the longest bone and the strongest bone. You will get more information on facts about the femur by reading the complete post below:

Facts about the Femur 1: the location

Femur is located in the thigh. It is the only bone, which makes up the thigh.

Facts about the Femur

Facts about the Femur

Facts about the Femur 2: a femoral fracture

One of the health conditions, which affects femur, is a femoral fracture. You can treat it by using a traction splint and manage it with a pre-hospital setting.

Facts about the Femur 3: the parts of a femoral fracture

A femoral fracture may affect the femoral neck, femoral head or the femur shaft. If it is linked with osteoporosis, it is often called as hip fracture.

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the Femur Facts

the Femur Facts

Facts about the Femur 4: the location of femur

Femur sits between the hip and knee. As I have stated before, it is the longest bone in the body of human being.

Facts about the Femur 5: length of femur

Can you guess the length of femur? It is varied according to the height of a person. One thing for sure, femur accounts for one-fourth of the overall height of a person.

Facts about the Femur 6: the bottom and top of femur

The top of femur is the pelvis. The bottom part is a kneecap or patella.

Facts about the Femur 7: the function of femur

Femur is an important part of the body. It allows human being to do a number of activities such as running, walking and standing. If femur is affected by a disease or health condition, it will be hard for us to do those activities.  Our legs can be moved because of femur.

the Femur Image

the Femur Image

Facts about the Femur 8: a unique bone

Femur earns the status as a unique bone because it has higher level of robusticity compared to other bones in the body.

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Facts about the Femur 9: the strength

Femur is a very strong bone even though it is a hollow bone. The most prevalent causes of facture on this bone are falling from extreme height and car accidents.

the Femur Pic

the Femur Pic

Facts about the Femur 10: inside the bone

The yellow and red marrow is found inside the femur.

Are you well informed after reading facts about the femur?