10 Facts about Fingernails

Get Facts about Fingernails in the following post below. The tips of the finger feature a horn-like envelope called a nail. Actually, it can be found on the toes too. Not only human but also primates have fingernails. In other animals, fingernails are similar to claws. Keratin is the protein, which makes up the fingernails. This type of protein is also found in other animals in the form of horns and hooves. Here are other interesting facts about fingernails to notice:

Facts about Fingernails 1: the function of fingernails

Do you know the function of fingernails?  The soft tissues around the fingers are protected by the fingernails from injuries. Moreover, it also protects the fingertip and distal phalax.

Facts about Fingernails

Facts about Fingernails

Facts about Fingernails 2: the counter-pressure

The counter-pressure is generated from the fingernails due to its distal digit from the precise movement.

Facts about Fingernails 3: sensitivity

The sensitivity of fingernails is increased due to the presence of fingernails. It is functioned as a counter-force.

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Fingernails Facts

Fingernails Facts

Facts about Fingernails 4: the only living part

The only living part of fingernails is the proximal end of the nail. It is located under the epidermis.

Facts about Fingernails 5: the nail growth

The toenails grow four times slower than the fingernails. The little finger grows slower than the index fingers in human beings.

Facts about Fingernails 6: the rate of nail growth

In a month, the average rate of fingernail growth reaches 0.12 inch or 3 mm. The total measurement of the longest female nails in the world reaches 601.9 cm.

Facts about Fingernails 7:  the complete re-growth

It needs 12 to 18 months for the toenails to have a complete growth. The fingernails will need 3 to 4 months to have a complete re-growth.

Fingernails Image

Fingernails Image

Facts about Fingernails 8: the factors

There are a number of factors, which affect the growth rate of fingernails. They include the hereditary, diet, exercise, season, sex and age. If you think that after the death, the fingernails are growing, you are wrong. The fingernails appear longer due to the tightened and dehydrated skin.

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Facts about Fingernails 9: clinical health

The fingernails are healthy if they turn in pink color in 1-2 seconds after you press them. The diseases, which may affect nails, include onychodystrophy, onychomycosis, onycholysis and onychogryphosis.



Facts about Fingernails 10: how to care the fingernails

If you want to take care the fingernails, regular trimming is needed. Molds and yeasts are the common organisms, which may cause infection on nails.

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