10 Facts about Female Sexuality

The wide range of processes and behaviors of human female sexuality will be elaborated on Facts about Female Sexuality. It involves various issues such as religious, spiritual, cultural, social, and psychological aspects of sexuality. It has been a subject of visual and literary art over the course of history. The female sexuality changes over the period of history.  Some issues are always discussed in female sexuality. They include relationship, gender roles, behaviors, values, sexual orientation, body image, biological sex, communication and self-esteem. Here are other interesting facts about female sexuality to notice:

Facts about Female Sexuality 1: orgasm

During the vaginal intercourse, it is usually hard for the women to reach orgasm.  The term orgasm is defined as the sexual climax, which gives the women pleasurable sensation.

Facts about Female Sexuality

Facts about Female Sexuality

Facts about Female Sexuality 2: experiences of women

The intensity of orgasm experienced by women is varied depending on the amount of stimulation. Moreover, the women also have varied orgasm frequency.

Facts about Female Sexuality 3: sexual stimulation

The sexual stimulation is vital for a woman to achieve orgasm. Women usually need more than one type of stimulation to earn it.  In many cases, clitoral stimulation is needed to give women orgasm.

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Female Sexuality Facts

Female Sexuality Facts

Facts about Female Sexuality 4: categories of orgasm

Orgasm has two categories. Both are the vaginal and clitoral orgasm. The former one is called G-spot. A report finds out that clitoral stimulation is needed by 70 to 80 percent of women to get orgasm.

Facts about Female Sexuality 5: the value of clitoral orgasm

Clitoris contains at least 8,000 sensory nerve endings, which can be stimulated to achieve orgasm.  There is no need to wonder that penis and clitoris are considered homologous.

Facts about Female Sexuality 6: the vaginal orgasm

It is difficult for the women to achieve vaginal orgasm. If the G-spot receives the proper stimulation, the vaginal orgasm can be achieved. Stimulation on the nipples also helps the women to get orgasm.

Facts about Female Sexuality 7: multiple orgasms

It is not impossible for a woman to have multiple orgasms during the sexual intercourse. Women do not need refractory period after having the first orgasm.

Female Sexuality Pic

Female Sexuality Pic

Facts about Female Sexuality 8: in ancient civilization

The female sexuality had been a subject in ancient civilization of China, Japan and India.

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Facts about Female Sexuality 9: Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is the famous ancient Indian book about sex.

Female Sexuality

Female Sexuality

Facts about Female Sexuality 10: the controversial practice

FGM or Female Genital Mutilation is considered as one of the controversial practices, which can be found in Middle East and Africa.

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