10 Facts about Fathers

Look at facts about fathers if you want to know the male parent of a child. The jurisdiction will determine the extent of the obligations and rights of fathers to their child.  There are two types of father. They are biological father and adoptive father. The former one is the male person who contributes to the creation of baby through his genes. It can be conducted by having sperm donation or sexual intercourse. The latter one is becoming the father of a child through the legal process of adoption.

Facts about Fathers 1: the society

The society usually affects the roles and level of involvement of a father to their children.

Fathers Facts

Fathers Facts

Facts about Fathers 2: paternity leaves

In 1967, Sweden had the first paid paternity leave. During the leave, the father will support his new adopted baby or newly born baby.

Facts about Fathers 3: the child support

The child support is usually paid by the parent who does not own the custody of a child.

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Fathers Pic

Fathers Pic

Facts about Fathers 4: the role of fathers

Fathers are considered as the second caregiver in most societies in the world. However, the view is changed over the years when it involves the male same-sex marriage, single parent and working mother condition. In that situation, father becomes the primary caregiver.

Facts about Fathers 5: the male single parent

As of 2013, the male single parents accounted 16 percent in United States.

Facts about Fathers 6: fatherhood

Today, fatherhood concept has been redefined in the western countries. They believe in the importance of fatherhood to raise the kids.

Facts about Fathers 7:  the active fatherhood

When a father is active in his role, the psychological and behavioral problems faced by the young adults will be declined.



Facts about Fathers 8: the positive impact

Fatherhood contributes to the positive life of children.  When they reach adulthood, they probably have solid marriage. Moreover, they may have great educational achievement and social stability.

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Facts about Fathers 9: the dispute

The dispute between children and parents is reportedly less occurred when they are raised by both mother and a father.

Facts about Fathers

Facts about Fathers

Facts about Fathers 10: the father figure

The father figure is not always the biological father. It can be the stepfather or nurturing father. If the child is produced from the sperm donation, the biological father of the child is the donor. In the past, the dispute related to the father of a child occurred. Today, DNA testing is available to find out the real father of a child.

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