10 Facts about Fasting

Read Facts about Fasting for those who want to know more about the reduction or abstinence of food and drink consumptions during a certain period. Water fasting is defined by the abstinence from all kinds of foods. However, it is okay to drink water. The dry fasting is also called absolute fasting. It is used to define the abstinence from all kinds of drinks and foods conducted for a number of days or 24 hours. Fasting is available in several types. The restriction depends on it.

Facts about Fasting 1: the fasting practices

The fasting practices may involve the abstinence of food and drink, leisure activities and intercourse.

Facts about Fasting
Facts about Fasting

Facts about Fasting 2: the psychological context

The metabolic state of a person is used to define fasting according to the psychological context

Facts about Fasting 3: the metabolic changes

The changes or adjustments in metabolism occur during fasting. The fasting state can be defined by having a number of diagnostic tests.

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Fasting and Buddha
Fasting and Buddha

Facts about Fasting 4: the term fasting

The person is assumed to have fasting if they take the food or drink 8 to 12 hours after the last meal.

Facts about Fasting 5: the purposes of fasting

What is the purpose of fasting? Some people have to do fasting as a part of religious obligation. On the other hand, fasting should be conducted by the people as a part of check up or medical procedures.

Facts about Fasting 6: the medical procedures

Before a person has a surgery or other medical procedures involved with the use of general anesthetics, it is recommended for them to have fasting. The risk of having pulmonary aspiration of gastric content is high when a person eats before the procedure, which involves the use of anesthetics.

Facts about Fasting 7: the medical tests

In some cases, fasting should be conducted when a person wants to have medical tests such as a particular blood glucose measurement and cholesterol testing.

Fasting Facts
Fasting Facts

Facts about Fasting 8: the lipid panel

The person will be suggested to fast for 12 hours when they want to take a lipid panel test. If they fail to fast, the triglyceride measurement will be high.

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Facts about Fasting 9: cancer

The research finds out that fasting has nothing to do with the treatment and prevention of cancer.


Facts about Fasting 10: mental symptoms

The mental symptoms like depression and frustration can be reduced by fasting.

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